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Science & Technology

NASA rover Perseverance collects first Martian rock sample

NASA‘s Mars science rover Perseverance has collected and stashed away the first of numerous mineral samples that the US space agency hopes to retrieve from the surface of the Red Planet for analysis on Earth. […]

Science & Technology

Nasa scientists spot unusual set of rings around black hole with companion star

Astronomers have spotted a spectacular set of rings around a black hole in an image captured using Nasa‘s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. Nasa said that the X-ray images of the giant […]

Science & Technology

Bezos offers NASA $2 billion in exchange for moon mission contract

Seattle (TIP): Fresh off his trip to space, billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos on Monday offered to cover up to $2 billion in NASA costs if the U.S. space agency awards his company Blue Origin a […]

Science & Technology

Hubble finds first evidence of water vapour on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

Washington (TIP): Astronomers have uncovered the first evidence of water vapour in the atmosphere of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede by using new and archival datasets from NASA‘s Hubble Space Telescope. According to the study published in […]

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“Best day ever as Jeff Bezos endshis ride into space on own rocket

DALLAS (TIP): Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, went to space and back Tuesday, July 20 morning on an 11-minute, supersonic joy ride aboard the rocket and capsule system developed by his space company, Blue […]

Science & Technology

NASA captures a stunning image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4680

NASA has shared a stunning image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4680 in all its glory. The image is said to have been taken by the Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3. The NGC 4680 galaxy […]

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NASA’s Juno sends 1st images of Jupiter’s largest moon

After flying closer to Jupiter’s largest moon than any other in more than two decades, NASA‘s Juno spacecraft has sent back two images offering dramatic glimpses of the icy orb. During the flyby on June […]

Science & Technology

NASA’s Venus missions to probe divergent fate of Earth’s hothouse sister planet

NASA has announced plans to launch a pair of missions to Venus between 2028 and 2030 – its first in decades – to study the atmosphere and geologic features of Earth’s so-called sister planet and […]

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Science & Technology

Mars Curiosity Rover snaps shining clouds on Red Planet

NASA‘s Mars Curiosity rover has captured shining clouds on the Red Planet, which arrived earlier and formed higher than expected. The atmosphere on Mars is usually thin, dry and cloudy days are rare. And clouds […]

Science & Technology

NASA astronaut successfully harvests 2 plants in space

Washington (TIP): NASA’s Expedition 64 crew member Michael Hopkins has harvested two crops in space—‘Amara mustard, and a previously grown crop, ‘Extra Dwarf pak choi. They were grown for 64 days, the longest leafy greens […]

Science & Technology

In a first, NASA’s Perseverance rover makes oxygen on Mars

NASA‘s Perseverance rover keeps making history. The six-wheeled robot has converted some carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into oxygen, the first time this has happened on another planet, the space agency said Wednesday, April […]

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Indian American engineer behind NASA’s Ingenuity’s historic Mars flight

HOUSTON (TIP): An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras trained Indian American robotics technologist Bob Balaram is the man behind Monday, April 19 history making flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on the Red Planet. […]

Science & Technology

Mars did not dry up all at once, says study

Mars had drier and wetter eras before drying up completely about three billion years ago, says a new study which suggests that the Red Planet did not dry up all at once. The findings are […]

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Science & Technology

NASA exchanges data of its Mars mission with India, China

The US space agency NASA has exchanged data of its current Mars mission with its counterparts in China, India, the UAE and the European Space Agency to lower the risk of a collision as their […]

Science & Technology

Mars may be hiding most of its ‘missing’ water underground: NASA-funded study

Vast amounts of ancient water may have been trapped beneath the surface of Mars, according to a NASA-funded study which challenges the current theory that the Red Planet’s water escaped into space. Evidence found on […]


Empowered Women Empower Women: CII Hosts Women Leaders in the US-India Corridor to Reflect on International Women’s Day 2021

NEW DELHI / NEW YORK (TIP): To commemorate International Women’s Day, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) brought together leaders within the US – India partnership to discuss innovative and empowering solutions to daily challenges […]

United States

Indian Americans appointed to Biden’s Domestic Policy Council

WASHINGTON (TIP): A day after joking that Indian Americans were taking over the US, President Joe Biden appointed, on March 5, two more to his Domestic Policy Council (DPC) to advise him on Criminal Justice […]

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“Indian Americans are taking over the country… you guys are incredible,” says Biden at NASA interaction

Biden has appointed at least 55 Indian-Americans to key leadership positions in his administration ranging from his speechwriter to the NASA, to almost every wing of the government.  WASHINGTON (TIP): Indian Americans are “taking over […]

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Indian American engineer Vishnu Sridhar playing key role in NASA’s Mars rover mission

NEW YORK (TIP):Vishnu Sridhar, an Indian American engineer, who is playing a key role in NASA’s mission to Mars, says rover Perseverance’s SuperCam will now analyze the Red Planet’s terrain the rover cannot reach. Landing […]

Science & Technology

NASA releases panorama taken by mars rover

The US space agency NASA released a spectacular panoramic view on Wednesday, February 23, of the landing site of the Perseverance rover on Mars. The panorama shows the rim of the Jezero Crater where the […]

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Indian American scientist Swati Mohan led flight control of Perseverance Rover to Mars

WASHINGTON (TIP): As Perseverance, the NASA rover, landed on the Martian surface Friday, millions of miles away in the US space agency’s control room, a woman’s voice rang out: “Touchdown confirmed!” The announcement was from Indian […]

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NASA’s Moment of Joy: Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

The Rover is only the fifth ever to set its wheels down on Mars. WASHINGTON (TIP):  “Touchdown confirmed,” said operations lead Swati Mohanat around 3:55 pm Eastern Time (2055 GMT),and mission control at NASA‘s Jet […]

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Nuclear-powered rockets could take crewed mission to Mars in 3 months

A nuclear-powered rocket could get a crewed mission to Mars in just under three months, according to a report on CNN. NASA’s plan is to get human to Mars by the year 2035, but there […]

Biden Administration

Indian American Bhavya Lal Appointed Acting Chief of Staff of NASA

WASHINGTON (TIP): Indian American Bhavya Lal was appointed by NASA as the Acting Chief of Staff of the US space agency on Monday. Ms. Lal served as a member of the Biden Presidential Transition Agency Review […]


Nassau County hosts Diwali Celebration : Event held via Zoom

MINEOLA, NY (TIP): Nassau County Office of Asian Americans organized a Diwali celebration vis Zoom on November 18. Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Farrah Mozawalla, Executive Director Asian American Affairs, and Chair Indian American […]