Apple has done it once and it might do it again! The Tim Cook-led company in spite of global anxiety and fear dropped the adored 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The company was warned even before the speculated drop of the jack that its sales of iPhones would take a hit as consumers were so used the jack and its convenience.

But what did Apple do other than dropping the jack? It put in a splitter/converter (3.5 mm to lighting jack converter) free of cost along with the iPhone box so that consumers could use thier headphones along with the new smartphones. It also came out with Air Pods — a wireless device that doesn’t need a jack at all.

Hence, would it be very far fetched to think that it can go ahead and ditch the USB ports and replace them with Type-C ports? All logic seems to point that way along with Apple’s innovation cycle.

Leaked photos suggest that Apple has replaced the function keyboard bar with an OLED bar and also has the design thinner. An older USB port needs more space and is unfit for a sleeker design. This suggests that Apple might have included the USB Type-C jack. Rumours suggest that the PCs will carry four USB Type-C ports.

But this speculative news is causing anxiety for users as the new iPhones also don’t have the Type-C USB jacks. It is our best guess that Apple might include a similar splitter (USB to USB Type-C) to help suppport iPhones.

However, Apple has dropped parts in the past to make the notebooks slimmer. It has already ditched the CD/DVD port earlier with previous generations of MacBooks. The removal of the USB ports is expected to make the device slimmer, have space for the new OLED bar and the touch ID button, experts said.