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India targets U.S. Christian leaders for deportation?

  India targets U.S. Christian leaders for deportation?                         It is learned that a group of people who were deported from India for their faith are expected to be discussing their ordeal in a virtual discussion […]

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The U.S.-India health-care partnership will be crucial in the battle against the coronavirus

  The India-U.S. partnership in medical research has been complemented by the strength of our cooperation in pharmaceuticals. India’s capabilities in R&D and in manufacturing have made its pharmaceutical sector the world’s third largest by […]

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Remembering Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

     Remembering Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  By Dr. V.K. Raju        Plato’s concept of philosophy king, and the Indian idea of Rajarishi have a                    […]

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Unemployed and Others Can Get Additional Financial Benefits

This past week, states like New York and New Jersey finally decided to accept Trump’s offer of $400 per week in Federal subsidy for every unemployed  in their states. They realized, based on the pressure […]

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Town Must Remove Roadblocks for Homeless Families

MINEOLA (TIP): In a letter to the editor, Arnold W. Drucker, Nassau County Legislator 16th  LD has demanded that  Oyster Bay Town officials  remove  roadblocks for homeless families in Jericho. The Jericho Family Support Center […]


Indian classical music’s greatest voice falls silent

NEW JERSEY (TIP): Mozart, Beethoven, Pavarotti and Jasraj are up there in the skies somewhere, planets all in a cosmos of stars big and small.     Pandit Jasraj died in his New Jersey home on […]



The history of Sikhism starts from the Blessed Advent of Sree Guru Nanak Sahib, in circa 1469, in Talwandi region, then part of a much larger India. His Tenets include Truthful living, humility, liberty, equality, […]

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State Bank of India Country Head Ashwini Tewari given a warm Farewell

Community leaders laud the banker’s stellar contribution NEW YORK (TIP):  “The State Bank of India, which is the leading Indian bank, has been here in New York City since 1968. And then in 1973,  we […]

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Indian American Student Receives President Award for Educational Excellence

CHICAGO (TIP): Shina Trivedi, a Lake Park High School District 108 student, received The President’s Education Awards Program which is awarded on behalf of the President of the United States and the United States Secretary […]

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Indian American Shankari Rajagopal Named Stanford Science Fellow

NEW YORK (TIP): Indian American Shankari Rajagopal has been named as one of the 2020 Stanford Science Fellows. She is among eight postdoctoral researchers from around the world who are studying a variety of topics, including […]

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Mango Phirni

Phirni is a traditional Indian Dessert made with rice and milk. The first memory of this dish is associated with my grandmother who used to prepare it for all her grandchildren and served it in […]


Daring the Dragon

India must tone down rhetoric, build its capabilities silently Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call to the People’s Liberation Army on Tuesday to think about worst-case scenarios and to scale up battle preparedness has come at […]

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Indian American Rutgers Student Tanvi Banota Named 2020 Goldwater Scholar

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (TIP): Tanvi Banota, a rising junior majoring in cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, has been named a recipient of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship for her academic excellence. Considered the premier […]


Indian Origin Nobel Laurate Venki Ramakrishnan Elected to American Philosophical Society

NEW YORK (TIP): Venkatraman ‘Venki’ Ramakrishnan, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist of Indian origin,is among 34 new members recently elected to the American Philosophical Society (APS), the nation’s oldest scholarly organization. Ramakrishnan has been inducted into APS’ biological […]

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Cuomo bars summer school in N.Y. amid spike in coronavirus-linked illness afflicting kids

NEW YORK (TIP): Gov. Cuomo announced Thursday, May 21 that summer school isn’t happening in New York. It is “still too early”, he said, to say if students will be allowed back into their classrooms […]

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Governor Cuomo Favors Reopening but insists on Wherewithal to do it: Federal Funding and Testing

NEW YORK (TIP): In his Coronavirus briefing, Saturday, April 18, New York State  Governor Andrew  underlined the need for federal funding to the State  in order to reopen the State. Governor Cuomo  said there was […]


Trump Administration’s 1 Trillion Economic Stimulus Package

Most Americans to get  2 installments of $1200.00 checks, based on their income Large part of stimulus money to go  to businesses   WASHINGTON (TIP):  The  proposed  legislation  the details of which remain in flux, […]

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SAMHIN Organizes Suicide Prevention Workshop – Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel

Suicide results in more deaths than war, homicide and natural disasters combined. Over 42,000 people die by suicide in the U.S. every year. It is difficult to find anyone whose life has not been affected […]