A Petition to Condemn Hateful Politicization of Indian Independence Day in Edison, New Jersey

India Day Parade in Edison, NJ had a bulldozer with the picture of the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who introduced the use of bulldozer to allegedly demolish structures belonging to a minority community.

EDISON, NJ (TIP): A petition was initiated by Muhammed Abdul which calls upon elected officials to condemn “Hateful Politicization of Indian Independence Day in Edison New Jersey”.

This petition is to Condemn Hateful Politicization of India Independence Day parade in Edison, NJ. A BULLDOZER was used at the India Independence Day parade this week. The BULLDOZER, which has become a symbol of injustice in India. BULLDOZERS are used by racist ruling party to demolish homes and intimidate minorities who raise voice against human rights violations. BULLDOZER is a sign of rising anti-Minority violence in India at the hands of Hindutva nationalists, who are enabled by BJP leaders. We need to contextualize what it means to march with bulldozers emblazoned with the images of two openly Hindutva supremacist leaders. We Indians have the right to celebrate our independence from British colonial rule, but we strongly condemn the use of a bulldozer in Independence Day parade and the glorification of racist behavior in New Jersey.

Elected officials must condemn this racist behavior by organizers as they were part of parade. They need to understand it hurts Indian minority communities living in New Jersey. Elected officials need to understand that all of south Asian minorities have come together to elect man of color as a mayor of great Edison. He should work with all the Edison community members to protect civil rights and promote justice and condemn Indian Business Association who organized this parade.

Hate crimes are increasing in NJ – https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/2021/03/31/hate-is-thriving-in-new-jersey-opinion/

Hate against minorities – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_against_Christians_in_India


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