CRY America’s “Walk for Child Rights” Aims to Make a Difference in Post-COVID India

CRY America Fundraising Director Patrick Bocco and organizers of Baxter Intl CRY Walk.
CRY Seattle walk student volunteers.

Nationwide Fundraiser Puts Children’s Educational Recovery in Focus

NEW YORK (TIP): The COVID pandemic revealed just how interconnected – and interdependent – we all are, the world over. In that spirit, walkers, runners and bicyclists across the USA will be taking to scenic public trails this fall between September 8 & November 30, 2022 to support children half a world away through Child Rights and You (CRY) America’s annual “Walk for Child Rights”. This event is sponsored by TV Asia, Deloitte & the Asian Leadership Group at Baxter International.CRY America is a nonprofit organization that supports over 30 projects in India and the U.S. that ensure access to education and healthcare for underprivileged children, as well as protection from child labor, early marriage and trafficking.

The CRY Walk for Child Rights launched officially on the International day of Literacy and the series features in-person and virtual events in over a dozen cities, including Seattle, New Jersey, San Diego, Houston, Boston, New York, Austin & Nashville. To register to participate at an event near you, visit CRY America’s website:

Children’s access to education, in particular, took a grievous hit as a result of pandemic restrictions. Those in poverty-affected communities bore the brunt of the extended stay-at-home orders and school closures, which effectively pre-empted two years’ worth of study. “The disruption in schooling has resulted in many dire consequences,” said CRY America CEO Shefali Sunderlal, noting that rates of child labor and child marriage spiked between 2020 and 2022. Children who did return to school after the long absence found themselves struggling to cope and at risk of dropping out. “CRY Projects are working hard to enroll & retain children back in schools, along with providing them supplementary education classes & psychosocial support,” she said. “It is wonderful to see CRY Walks organized across so many cities, such as in Deerfield, Ill., at the corporate headquarters of Baxter International, which was set up by the Asian Leadership Group and attended by 60 employees. And our students’ group in Seattle organized a very successful event that raised $4,000,” Fundraising Director Patrick Bocco said. “The enthusiasm that volunteers and donors are bringing in support of child rights across cities is so inspiring. Each step we take together is a step toward happier childhoods for so many children.”

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