Gandhi Brothers Launch Second Annual Holiday Charity Drive

JAMAICA, NEW YORK (TIP);  Partnering with local non-profits, New York City’s Gandhi brothers are once again bringing their philanthropy to local communities in need, particularly in Brooklyn and Queens. The Gandhi brothers have been active in New York City’s philanthropic circles for decades now but are proud to have launched their second-annual direct giving initiative for the 2020 holiday season. Last year’s holiday charity drive placed a heavy emphasis on coat collection and homeless shelters, both of which continue this year.In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local non-profit organizations are finding it difficult to carry out their missions. For instance, the Vaisakhi 5K Run, an annual charity race New Yorkers look forward to every April, had to be cancelled abruptly because of the shutdown. Through their efforts, brothers Navraj, 39, and Kamaldeep, 38, have supported the logistical and volunteer networks of these organizations in pooling together their collective resources toward this holiday giving drive. The brothers said the second-annual drive encapsulates what their charitable goals represent at their core. “Charity is in our blood. Whether it is in support of the ongoing Indian farmers’ protests or in providing relief to those hurt by social iniquities, we have always felt a responsibility toward philanthropy,” said Navraj. “New York City has so many communities in need. We grew up on these streets ourselves, and they are very much a part of us. It’s more important to give back now than ever before. When it’s cold outside, the vulnerabilities of our city’s most needy become most apparent. Especially during the pandemic, my brothers and sisters on New York’s streets feel the hurt, and that hurts me,” Kamaldeep added. Like last year’s drive, this year’s will focus on delivering much-needed food, water, and supplies to New York City’s homeless—both inside and outside the shelter system. The charity drive’s debut last year drew hundreds of donors and supporters, and the expectation is certainly to keep pace this year. The drive began this Christmas with the participation of area shelters and will continue through the month of January. Navraj implores his fellow New Yorkers to see charity drives like this as the start—not the end—of the spirit of giving. “We are reminded during the holidays how important it is to support those who are less fortunate, but these communities need our help year-round. Please join us in reflecting and giving back. Your neighbors count on you.”

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