Lotus Management Group Inc, Hicksville, NY Ordered to Pay Wages to ex-Employee

HICKSVILLE, NY (TIP): District Court of Nassau County  1st District  NSC Part has ordered the Lotus Management Group Inc located at 127 North Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801 to pay $548.57 to one of its ex-employees for the unpaid wages and interest thereon.


The Judge Arbitrator Brendan Twomey passed the order February 5, 2020 on a petition filed by an ex-employee of Lotus Management Group Inc that her employer had not paid her wages for the work she had done for the company.


The Judge Arbitrator,  “after trial, on inquest and deliberating thereon” , decided to award in favor of the petitioner. The defendant  Lotus Management Group Inc  has been ordered to pay to the plaintiff   a total of $548.57 which includes  Award amount: $500.00; Interest:$13.57; Costs & Disbs: $35.00.

The judgment, which is a public record, is valid for 20 years.


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