Sriniketan Foundation celebrates Buddha Purnima with music and dance

Lighting of the Lamp by honorable guests
Award-winning and internationally acclaimed Manipur and contemporary dancer Sanjib Bhattacharya with his disciples Jeslin Jacob, Jolly Lairenjam, Chaobithoi Lairenjam Devi, and Jessi Leirenjam.

FLUHING, NY (TIP): Sriniketan Foundation headed by Purnima Desai, a dedicated practitioner and  promoter of Sanskrit language and Indian music and dance forms organized a music and dance  evening with international artists in celebration of the Buddha Purnima. The “performance was inspired by the Buddha’s last words: “Be a lamp unto thyself”, said  Mrs. Desai.

It was  a  rare, soulful cultural program at which  renowned artists created ripples of pleasure for the audience who watched and listened to the performances with rapt attention.

The program on May 25 started with devotional songs rendered by Mrs. Purnima A. Desai, who founded Sriniketan as a nonprofit in 2015. Captivating instrumental and vocal music recitals, as well as dance performances, mesmerized the appreciative  audience of over 200 people.

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The highlight of the evening program at the Ganesh Temple community center in Flushing, NY, was “Nalanda—The Lotus Flower Givers,” choreographed by the award-winning, internationally acclaimed Manipur and contemporary dancer Sanjib Bhattacharya. Featuring his disciples Jeslin Jacob, Jolly Lairenjam, Chaobithoi Lairenjam Devi, and Jessi Leirenjam, it delved into the profound teachings of Lord Buddha.

Inspired by Buddha’s last words, “Appo deepo bhava” (Be your own lamp), the performance replete with graceful movements invited all to reflect on their own journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment. Chants of “Om Mani Padme Hum” and “Buddham Sharanam Gachami” resonated in the hall.

Other artists who performed included:

Minakshi Majumdar –Classically trained Vocalist accompanied by Anirban Chakrabarty on Harmonium and Amit Kavthekar on Tabla

Minakshi Majumdar –Classically trained Vocalist

Anirban Chakrabarty – Harmonium Player

Chief guest Prof. Indrajit S Saluja honored Oindrila Roy Mallick who gave a scintillating performance of Bharatanatyam, an Indian Classical dance form. In the picture, from L to R: Mrs. Purnima A Desai, Oindrila Roy Mallick, Prof. Indrajit s Saluja

Oindrila Roy Mallick – Bharatanatyam, an Indian Classical dance form

Pandit Partha Bose – World renowned Sitarist- with Indranil Mallick on Tabla

Pandit Partha Bose – World renowned Sitarist

Suddhashil Chatterjee on Santoor, accompanied by Amit Kavthekar on Tabla

Suddhashil Chatterjee –Santoor

Volunteers who gave their best to organize a truly enjoyable evening of dance and music.

Run selflessly by Mrs Desai, a Reiki Grandmaster and promoter of Indian culture and arts, the Sriniketan Foundation has been serving the community for many years. It educates the younger generation by holding cultural events such as the annual “Shyama Shyam Shashtriya Sugam Sangeet Sammelan”, as well as training them in Indian classical music and dance forms. The organization also offers natural healing therapies, yoga, music therapy, meditation, reiki, and more.

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