“Our Nation Is like None Other; President Trump Is like None Other; Our Election Was like None Other; and 2020 Civil War Continues, As China Grabs Lands and Assets.   The Presidential Election on November […]


Japan aids India in its Act East policy

NEW DELHI (TIP): In a sign of growing Japanese involvement in improving infrastructure in India, the two countries Thursday launched a cooperation forum for development of India’s north-east. The move is significant also because of India’s decision to ignore China’s OBOR initiative as the China Pakistan […]


Nepal will carefully weigh use of funds from China: Nepal envoy

NEW DELHI (TIP): As concerns abound in India over Nepal‘s decision to join China‘s One Belt, One Road (OBOR), Nepal has come out strongly to underscore the significance of its ties with India, saying no country can change its geography. While […]


India’s boycott of One Belt, One Road summit in China was self-defeating

Narrow-mindedness, lack of vision, and an inflated sense of our own place in the world drove this latest tantrum “Our self-deceptionwouldn’t matter had it not led to India potentially being frozen out of the most important trade architecture in our part […]

File photo of a meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Tashkent

Why China is pressuring India to join OBOR meeting

BEIJING (TIP): China is putting pressure on India to participate in an international conference on its One Belt, One Road or Silk Road programme next May after realizing that showcasing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) […]


China’s Ocean Hegemony and Implications for India

The fifth generation of CCP leadership under Xi Jinping has de facto abandoned the Deng doctrine of keeping low profile internationally. China has become more ambitious of becoming a superpower and has been extending its sovereignty […]

Putting India Emphatically on Global Map MODI IMAGE
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Putting India Emphatically on Global Map – Part 1

Prime Minister Modi has surprised his own people and, no doubt, external observers, by his foreign policy activism since he took office. In his year in power he has travelled abroad 16 times- and 19 if […]

Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping seem to have built a rapport
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During his China visit, Prime Minister Modi has been unusually forthright in speaking about the problems that hold back the India-China relationship. He probably feels that his desire to strengthen ties with China being so clear, […]