Celebrating 18 Years of Excellence: The Indian Panorama’s Gratitude Gala

It was an evening of joy, celebration, and gratitude as The Indian Panorama welcomed patrons, well-wishers, and friends to the Gratitude Gala, marking the 18th year of the newspaper’s publication. The event was not just a milestone celebration but a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement received from a diverse community. The sheer number of guests in attendance not only made the evening vibrant but also served as a powerful affirmation of the publication’s quality and the satisfaction of its readers.

The highlight of the evening was the presence of Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, India‘s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Her inspiring words of wisdom resonated with everyone present, serving as a source of encouragement for the dedicated team behind The Indian Panorama. The presence of Congressman-elect Tom Suozzi, a true friend of the Indian American community, added a layer of significance to the celebration. With three terms as a US Congressman, his encouragement was a valuable endorsement of the publication’s impact.

The Gratitude Gala also recognized and honored four distinguished individuals chosen by The Indian Panorama board for their remarkable contributions in their respective fields. Dr. VK Raju, a distinguished ophthalmologist and President of the Eye Foundation of America, has dedicated the past 40 years to the noble cause of eradicating childhood blindness worldwide. His tireless efforts have made a significant impact, aligning with The Indian Panorama’s commitment to positive change.

Ranju Batra, a relentless advocate, secured recognition for India’s festival of lights, Diwali, by successfully lobbying for a Diwali postal stamp from the US administration. Beyond this achievement, she actively promotes diplomats and diplomacy through her organization, instituting the Diwali-Power of One awards to honor diplomats contributing to global peace. Her dedication aligns with the values championed by The Indian Panorama.

Harry Singh Bolla’s inspiring journey from humble beginnings to billionaire status exemplifies the spirit of giving back to society. His philanthropic endeavors serve as an example worth emulating and resonate with The Indian Panorama’s commitment to social responsibility.

Purnima Desai, through her institutions, Shikshayatan Cultural Center and Srininiketan Foundation, has been a stalwart in promoting Indian culture for over four decades. Her unwavering dedication aligns with the publication’s mission of fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.

The evening was not just about accolades and recognition; it was a platform for meaningful communication between the diverse group of guests and honorees. The young talents who graced the stage with exceptional performances in music and dance added an extra layer of joy to the celebration. The dedicated volunteers who flawlessly managed the event deserve special appreciation, as their efforts contributed to the seamless flow of the evening.

Acknowledgment is due to colleagues from the media world who stood in solidarity with The Indian Panorama. Special gratitude is extended to Gary Sikka, the owner of Pearl Banquet Hall, whose hospitality provided the perfect backdrop for the Gratitude Gala.

In expressing gratitude, The Indian Panorama extends thanks to everyone associated with the event. Patrons, friends, and family members played a pivotal role in making the evening truly memorable. As The Indian Panorama embarks on the journey ahead, the support received at the Gratitude Gala serves as a powerful motivator to continue the pursuit of excellence and meaningful journalism.

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