Why is Nassau County Executive silent on his Ties with Harendra Singh ?

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano
Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano

Mr. Edward P. Mangano is a nice and  pleasant person. He has a disarming  smile  and a certain amount of warmth even when he meets with strangers which win people instantly. There is no question of anybody not liking him. But that is the exterior of the person. What is Mr. Mangano within?  Well, within, Mr. Mangano seems to be very hard; difficult to penetrate.

For the last couple of months he has been feeling the heat of major investigations  involving  a politician  who is alleged to have been guilty of corruption. In the case of Dean Skelos, Mr. Mangano’s name came up some time ago. And, now recently, it is  not a politician but a friend because of whom Mr. Mangano is under a cloud. His silence on his ties with Harendra Singh is intriguing.

There are reports that he may not answer any questions relating to his ties with Harendra Singh. Well, that will do him no good. He must come clean. If he has done nothing  which could hold him legally or morally responsible, he has no fear. But speak he must. His silence will only add to the worst speculation. He is a nice man. Let him know he should not be known in any other manner.


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