Weekly Astrology Predictions (December 7 to December 13, 2020)

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Aries: Ganesha says your finances may not be on point at the starting of the week and also your expenses will increase. Don’t think about any long investments this week. You may travel short distance. Retrieve your focus this week. Obey the advices your well-wishers give you.

Praying Lord Shiva will help you stay calm this week. Neptune says you can reveal your secrets and you can meet new people. Untidy scenarios of last few days will be swept off. Projects will restart which stopped.

You will visit to spiritual places with your life partner and Soulmate.

Taurus: Your financial planning will show results this week. Don’t make emotional decisions this week. This week will require you to be physically and mentally strong. Also focus on family security. You can also think about small investment this week. Also, your organisational skills will show great results. You will find new approaches to meet your deadlines. Take a chance to re-join the creative group. You will be attracted to spirituality this week. Love will flourish for people with Taurus zodiac.

Praying Lord Hanuman will help you find peace this week.

Gemini: Ganesha says, you may face a financial crisis this week and therefore have a red eye on your spending habits.

You may also face losses in long term investments with siblings you make this week so be careful. You are going to have a nice family time this week. Don’t be negative for things, try to stay calm and positive.

Praying Lord Ganesha will help you this week.

You may experience a little sleep disturbance.Stars in your horoscope will boost up some confidence. Your relationship with your partner will enhance.

Things will be confusing by the end of the week but the next week will calm think down.

Cancer: Laziness may kick in at the starting of the week and due to less focus, you may feel demotivated but things will be fine. You may think of short-term investment but avoid taking haphazard decisions. Love is in the air this week. Try to restore connection in relationships. Health will improve this week and you may travel for studies.

This is the period of gratitude. Feel gratified for what you have achieved. You may face differentiation of opinions at work but staying calm with help. Praying Lord Hanuman will surely help you.

Leo: Financial conditions this week are looking strong.  Be patient while making big decisions this week. Try to stay balanced and meditate. This week is lucky for monetary transactions. You may connect to old peers and family. You will be blessed by the Moon bringing in creativity in your approaches. This week be careful about how you spend your time. People in love will be able to spend time with their partners.

You may find that perfect job this week which you have been seeking since long and your talents will be put on display soon.

Virgo: You may find new projects this week. There are chances of good news coming this week. It would be good seven days to make financial moves. You are moving in correct direction and honestly do the work you have committed to. You may feel peevish but trust your intuitions about creativity and take recommendations from your superiors will help you make better decisions.

Libra: You must be careful about your health this week. Your mind is wavering around new business plans but widely research and analyse your plans before making a decision.

Praying Lord Vishnu will reap good results this week.

Practice self-care this week as it will remove the feeling of dullness. Buying luxury goods this will attract negativity so avoid it. Family issues about children may arise but try to deal patiently with them.

Scorpio: Think before spending this week. Your hard work is going to pay off this week. Don’t doubt yourself so much, you are heading towards the right direction. Your subordinates and superiors are going to appreciate your work and capabilities. Avoid taking monetary decisions this week as it is not the good time. Spend more time with family. Your over thinking issue is going to go away as Mercury will leave your zodiac. Also, flow of cash will increase in the business and small investments in family business will be alright.

Sagittarius: You will make a good short term plan this week and your finances will support your moves. You will also travel to short distances with your loved ones. Goddess Laxmi will send you blessings so worship her. You will make calm and clear choices. Health of elderly people will improve.

You will also attain good mental health. Singles will make unexpected connections.

Capricorn: You will set into a new routine and adapt new schedule. You may feel negative by the middle of the week but gradually it will improve. You will turn tables by making an announcement. Venus will help you captivate crowds. You will come over disappointments.

You will find higher strata in your family.

Students will find creative aspects of themselves and will do better in studies.

Aquarius: Your finances will be balanced.  Your work will be supported by your subordinates and partners. Avoid taking any emotional decisions this week.  You may also spend time with your family.

Praying Lord Hanuman will help you balance this week. Your love life may imbalance a little bit but gradually things will improve. Heavy gains of past investments will find its way to you this week.

Try to improve relationship with your life partner this week.

Praying Lord Ganesha will bring you domestic peace.

Pisces: As your horoscope suggests, you will have a very busy week and find it difficult to implement all your plans at once. Your overseas network will help you solve your business issues. Beware of your distant enemies.

Your family and friends will guide you in the right direction in the matter of love. This week will be the triumph time for you. Mercury will get your prime concerns on top.

You will have lots of opportunities this week but be careful about spending. Stay warned about your health and try to speed down on road.

Spend time with your children this period and pray Lord Shiva, he has his eyes on your period.

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