Logitech Launches Three New Gaming Mice Featuring ‘Lightspeed’ Technology

Logitech has announced a range of new gaming mice namely the G502X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus and it is introducing the LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches to offer precise actuation and prompt response for all of its G502 X models. Traditionally, you would expect optical or mechanical components in a mouse, but Logitech G has been able to combine both into one – optical-mechanical switches allowing for better reliability compared to traditional mechanical switches, better speed and control, and most importantly, retaining the satisfying feeling of mechanical actuation. To facilitate this, Logitech uses galvanic contact components inside the switch. As a result, both optical and mechanical triggers are combined to deliver a hybrid experience that Logitech says allows for an ultra-low latency experience.

Design and New Tech Inside the G508 X

A new thin-wall exoskeleton allows for an overall light-weight construction while being robust enough to handle repeated use. The mice are available in either black or white. The mouse also features a redesigned DPI-shift button that is reversible as well as removable to make the mouse diverse enough for a variety of hand sizes. The mouse also retains G502’s infinite scroll wheel, USB-C charging in wireless models and ratchet modes. The high-precision gaming sensor HERO 25K delivers a one-to-one ratio accuracy at sub-micron levels and zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration.

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