Indian American Chess Whiz Akshat Chandra from NJ wins the US Junior Chess championship

New York Aug 13 (TIP): Indian American Chess whiz Akshat Chandra, a 15-year-old International Master, from New Jersey, won the United States Junior Chess Championship (an invitation-only event reserved for the highest ranked juniors under 20 in the U.S.).

The nine-round tournament was held at the prestigious Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis from July 6 to July 15.

The tense race for first place remained undecided until the final round when International Master Akshat Chandra emerged victorious. Chandra, playing with supreme confidence and refined chess technique, racked up 5 wins and 4 draws for 7 points. Chandra outpaced his nearest rival, Grandmaster-elect Jeffery Xiong by one and half points.

By winning the U.S. Junior Championship, Chandra takes home $6,000 and he is automatically seeded into the 2016 United States Chess Championship.

Chandra’s exciting game versus Arthur Chen was one of the hardest-fought in the tournament. Former world chess champion Vishy Anand recently made popular the solid 6.d3. This move is a pragmatic way to avoid an array of Black main lines against the Ruy Lopez, like the Marshall Attack.

This eloquent and modest 15 year old New Jerseyan has managed to quickly progress as a junior and is enroute to becoming an elite player. He is automatically seeded into the 2016 United States Chess Championship.

Some of his accomplishments:

  • Highest Rated 15-year old US Player
  • US Junior Champion 2015 (under 21-years, Top Juniors invitational only tournament)
  • #1 ranked Rapid Player in the US Junior Section (under 21-years)
  • Leading Blitz Player in the US Junior section
  • US Chess National High School Champion for 2015
  • US Chess National High School Blitz Champion for 2015
  • US Chess National K-9 Middle School Champion for 2013 (SuperNationals)

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