Pakistan objects to India’s foreign trips: Will take ‘Kashmir’ issue to all


As per media reports, an unidentified Pakistani official has confirmed to BS news that the Army, ISI, Saeed and the closet government are planning to appeal to the United Nations against India’s “Charm Jihad” Foreign policy.

“All trips are a conspiracy by India to undermine the “K” Issue. They are hurting our brethren.” “If more trips are taken by Modi, we will have no option but to release our Nuclear weapon photographs (after we get them processed from China) on social media,” he threatened.

Hearing about this reason, many sensible supporters have left Pakistan and have seeked asylum in EU, while others insisted that China was an ally of Pakistan and thus they have a strong case even in the Security Council.

“We will make sure everyone feels they have been victimized by India” said Army’s top spokesperson condemning Modi’s second visit to US.

Meanwhile, Sharif announced he will visit all countries via Google Maps while they await funds from United Sates.

Sharif stated “Pakistan will do everything possible to counter this ‘social jihad’ caused by Modi’s one after another successful foreign trips”.

Times Wow asked users to tweet with #PAKGoogleGate. Arneb invited two retired officers of Pakistani army and extracted his revenge for all the wars they had waged against India. A panelist at Times wow claimed that lack of funds due to the money spent on Sunny Leone pirated videos had forced Pakistan to use Google Map instead of economy class air travel.

When Raul was asked to comment, he searched for something in his pocket in vain. Then he said that today was not a day for politics as mom has not updated his calendar.

Talking at a press meet; Sonia hit out at the government and said “Every travel announcement is made before an election, so that they can garner votes. If we ban elections in India for next 4 years, then, the government will have no work.”

This article is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.

The article is a news / political satire, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. Article above is work of fiction, and is fake news.

Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, all references to politicians and/or celebrities & real people is fictional.


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