Ramavaan ensemble. (Photo : suratifpa.org)

By Mabel Pais

“Ramaavan – A Musical,” Surati’s unique, adapted production debuting in New York City, performs at The American Theatre of Actors – Cullum Theatre located at 314 West 54th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019. Seven performances take place, Wednesday, November 2 to Sunday 6. “Ramaavan – A Musical” is based on ‘The Ramayana,’ a popular epic tale from India that tells the story of Prince Ram and King Ravan of (Sri) Lanka. It is a story of duty, honor, love, courage and revenge. It is an original musical in English inspired by Broadway, told through verse, traditional (classical and folk) and experimental Indian dance and music, along with world genres of musical theatre, opera, contemporary, jazz, ballet and modern dance. This original production showcases Indian classical, folk and a fusion with other genres featuring artists and artistry from around the world, an evolving theatrical experience that appeals to a global audience today.
This production narrating an ancient tale from India is unique in several ways… from the presentation to the cast, and most importantly the sheer diversity across the board. The talented and diverse international cast help create our unique depiction by blending cultures from Indian with those around the world through dance and music makes this a production comparable to shows on Broadway and at Operas.
For more information on performance schedule, and to purchase tickets, Nov 2 – Nov 6, visit suratifpa.org/ramaavan or call 201 792 2650 or 201 360 1553.

  • Though the tale is ancient, Surati’s interpretation of the story challenges
  • “Status Quo” and how social issues have
  • Peace, mutual respect and understanding,
  • Women’s rights and Shakti (power),
  • Racism and matters of color
  • The show melts away boundaries of gender, caste, race, religion and color promoting brotherhood and harmony.
  • A purely cultural representation of the story making it universally enjoyable and acceptable to al
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