Having flowers at home not only adds colour but also has health benefits. Why wait till you’re gifted a bouquet of flowers to put them up — having floral arrangements at home not only makes your abode look more vibrant but is also known to improve mood. A behavioural research study reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed and agitated when freshcut flowers are present in the house. Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, say experts. Participants of the study expressed delight and gratitude while receiving flowers — a reaction that was universal, across all age groups.

You can place flowers in your kitchen, dining room, living room or balcony— essentially areas where you spend a lot of time when you’re at home. Living with flowers can also provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work. The study added that people were more likely to feel happier and more enthusiastic and energetic at work when flowers were present in their home. When you start the day in a positive mood, one is more likely to transfer that happy feeling to others.

The aroma of roses is supposed to aid in elevating mood while marigold or genda have antiseptic and stimulant properties. Magnolia blossoms, lilac, gardenia, lily, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, evening primrose, hibiscus and several other flowers are available at local, neighbourhood florists — choose whichever appeals most to your senses! The vase you choose is based on the size and shape of the flowers you want to display.

For long-stemmed flowers (roses or sunflower) use a tall, slender vase. For short-stemmed flowers with round, full blossoms (gardenias) use a smaller, spherical vase to accentuate the shape. When you have a large arrangement of a variety of flowers, use a vase that has a wide, heavy base for extra support. Individual flowers simply need a narrow vase of medium height.