Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom Appeals for Funds

NEW YORK (TIP): Dr. Adityanjee , President , ICHRRF in an open letter, has appealed for funds for Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom Appeals for Funds .“Over the past few months,  a team of concerned citizens of the world has been working to build a long-term institution to research and advocate for the rights of under-represented communities across the world and build a coalition of such communities. This is the International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF).

The field of human rights and religious freedom is usurped by vested interests against the interests of unorganized religions and weaker communities. The lens through which ‘religion’, ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ are understood is also biased in favor of certain religio-philosophical entrenched systems that are unable to look at the issues through an objective prism. As a result, these under-represented and marginalized communities are constantly harassed and shamed about their value systems, or when their tribulations are addressed, it is with some condescension at their ‘primitive’ beliefs or society. In addition to the shaming and bullying, they face oppression, constant usurpation of their rights, property and livelihood, and outright genocide in some cases.

Moreover, when such marginalized communities do speak up for their rights, they do so without forming coalitions with other communities in a similar position. Their cause remains siloed and disconnected from other causes that they should ideally form common cause with. This is a prime focus of ICHRRF.

 The medium-term goals of ICHRRF are to publish surveys, narratives, data-driven research and policy papers, and then achieve ECOSOC approval for UN-accreditation. We will also be hosting seminars, panel discussions and presentations on such communities and field workers. For the past 3 months we have been conducting such talks only for our internal purposes, to build relationships, but soon these will be open to the public.

We seek your support in:

1.. Spreading the word about the organization

  1. Helping us network with researchers, academics, activists and community leaders sharing similar viewpoints in different parts of the world.
  2. Monetarily donating to us on a 1-time or recurring basis and or purchasing memberships.

Please visit our website ( today to make online donations.

Thank you!

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