Exhibition To Showcase Achievements Of Indian Americans In US

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WASHINGTON (TIP): In a first ofits kind expo in the US, aprestigious museum in Washingtonis organizing an exhibition toshowcase the history, culture andcontribution of Indian-Americanscommunity in the country.The exhibition, “BeyondBollywood: Indian Americans Shapethe Nation,” will bring to life therich history of immigrants fromIndia and Indian Americans in theUS and detail their manycontributions to America, theprestigious Smithsonian Museumsaid.Scheduled to open in late2013,”Beyond Bollywood” it willoccupy more than 5,000 square feetof space at the Smithsonian’sNational Museum of NaturalHistory.

Over a two-year period theexhibition is expected to draw morethan seven million visitors beforeembarking on a national tour in2015.”The Indian American story hasyet to be fully told,” said Konrad Ng,director of the Smithsonian AsianPacific American Center.It is the largest projectundertaken by the SmithsonianAsian Pacific American Center inits 15-year history, and the first tofocus on Indian American culture.”Visitors of all ages will leave theexhibition with a deeperunderstanding of this vibrantcommunity as they strive to realizelife, liberty and the pursuit ofhappiness in America. Thisexhibition is about celebrating acommunity that embodies theAmerican spirit,” Ng said.Masum Momaya, curator of theexhibition said that there is stillsome public perception that IndianAmericans are foreigners oroutsiders in the United States.

“But history shows the opposite istrue. We’ve been here since theearliest days of the nation and hadour hands in building it to what it istoday politically, professionally andculturally,” Momaya said.In a statement, SmithsonianInstitute said that it hastied up withTV Asia, the popular IndianAmerican channel, which iscelebrating its 20thyear.”Beyond Bollywood: IndianAmericans Shape the Nation’ is aproject of monumental significanceto our community and TV Asia,”said H R Shah, chairman and CEO ofTV Asia. “As a media sponsor we arehonored and excited to be a part ofthis program,” he said.”By partnering with TV Asia, wehave taken an important step inincreasing the public’s knowledgeand understanding of thisexhibition,” Ng said.”TV Asia connects to the IndianAmerican community day in andday out,” Momaya said.Through a collection ofphotographs, artifacts, videos,interactive stations and stories,visitors will learn about the IndianAmerican experience and the manydynamic roles they have played inshaping American society and culture,Smithsonian Museum said.

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