Federal Brief Filed on Long Island Workplace Discrimination Case Comes Day After Trump Proposes Banning Transgender Military Service Members

LONG ISLAND, NY(TIP):  A day after President Trump tweeted remarks calling for a ban on transgender military personnel, calling them both a “burden” and “disruption,” the Department of Justice filed a brief in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to rollback workplace discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation.

The case, which the federal brief was filed for, involves the firing of a skydiving instructor from a Long Island company after a customer complained about having to parachute with a gay man.

David Kilmnick, President of the New York LGBT Network based on Long Island, issued the following statement:

“The Trump Administration’s latest shameful assault on the LGBT community should give every American pause. It’s inexcusable for President Trump and his administration to continue assaulting the LGBT community for political gain.  The LGBT Network stands united with every American who has ever been the victim of discrimination and hate in the workplace. And it’s simply unconscionable that lawyers, paid for with public tax dollars, are being employed to parse language pertaining to who can and cannot be discriminated against. At the end of the day, discrimination is discrimination, regardless of who the victim is.”

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