Free Karachi Campaign Launches its Next Phase in the USA

A billboard in Los Angeles

#FreeKarachi Ads Appear on Massive Digital Billboards in Los Angeles

WASHINGTON DC (TIP):  The Free Karachi Campaign has launched its next phase in the U.S.A. with billboards advertisements. As part of the campaign, “#FreeKarachi and Urban Sindh from State Atrocities in Pakistan” advertisements have appeared on several highway billboards in the U.S. West Coast city of Los Angeles.

The Free Karachi Campaign had started on 15 January in the U.S. capital Washington, D.C. when a number of taxis and cars with #FreeKarachi banners participated in the city’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade.

The Washington Post, one of the most prominent newspapers of the U.S., had also published a special supplement that had carried details of the injustices that Sindh Province’s people, Urdu-speaking Mohajirs in particular, have been facing in Pakistan. A digital advertisement of Free Karachi is still running on the official website of the Washington Times.

Commenting on the latest phase of the campaign, Free Karachi spokesperson Nadeem Nusrat said that “Karachi is Pakistan’s most secular city where religious extremists have always failed to develop a stronghold. Pakistan’s Punjabi-dominated deep-state, however, is trying to change this great, tolerant trait of this city by promoting forces of religious extremism.”

“While Dr. Shakil Afridi languishes in prison and thousands of Mohajirs and Balochs gone missing after being taken into custody by Pakistani security forces, the UNO and U.S.-designated terrorists are allowed to hold rallies in Karachi. This clearly proves why Free Karachi is necessary”, added Mr. Nusrat.

“The taxes paid by Karachi and other areas of urban Sindh run Pakistan’s economy. Karachi alone pays over 90 percent taxes for the treasury of Sindh Province, but it has no representation in the federal as well as the provincial governments. Karachi is ranked by most independent organizations as the second most populace city in the world, but its population is always reduced in the official census figures by both Larkana-based Sindh and Islamabad-based federal government,’ said Mr. Nusrat.

Criticizing Pakistani judiciary, Mr. Nusrat said that “while Pakistani supreme courts are known for taking suo-moto action over petty issues, they have failed to take notice of the brutal murder of Harvard-educated, elderly Professor Hasan-Zafar Arif who was abducted and killed recently in Karachi.”

“Mohajirs –those whose ancestors had migrated from India to Pakistan in 1947 – are the ones whose forefathers not only made Pakistan a reality but also played a key role in sustaining Pakistan in its most turbulent times. These Mohajirs have now been barred from governments jobs and security institutions. Their young generation is blatantly admission in public-funded professional educational institutions and government jobs. As recently as last week, over one thousand Karachi students were denied admission at Karachi University and the seats were instead given to students from rural Sindh.” Mr. Nusrat continued.

“It is not possible for Mohajirs to raise their voice against state-sponsored injustices in Pakistan. Political offices of Mohajirs’ mainstream political party, MQM, have been illegally demolished in Pakistan and the party is facing an illegal, unannounced ban. The Mohajirs living overseas now have to highlight the brutal and undemocratic policies of Pakistani State at every possible international forum,” Mr. Nusrat added.

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  1. If India’s ruling scum were not so preoccupied with re distributing what the British left behind and were more concerned with creating wealth, they would, perhaps attend to matters of National Security. If they did so, they would see what was really going on in the neighbour and bette noir, Pakistan.

    Pakistan carries valuable lessons for India inasmuch as it is a reflection of India in many ways. Pakistan’s recent 18th Amendment seeks to reverse the centralization brought about in Pakistan by Parvez Musharaf and his predecessor Military Dictators. But this will not reverse the impact of the all powerful Punjabi Sunni Army.

    But, Pakistan’s disintegration is predicated by the inevitable centrifugal forces set in motion by the inherent Islamic Caste System. There is a strict and implicit sense of racial superiority inherent in Islam and a caste system as we have seen time and again. Arabs are top dogs, but inter-se, various tribes are superior to others since the days of Mahomet’s rapine, pillage and genocides of more than a thousand years ago..

    Turkey carried out Islam everywhere, but, most notoriously in Armenia. Pakistan is a perfect test tube. The Punjabi is the top dog there by virtue of dominating the Army. “The Sultan” (or soldier). Sindhis purchase second position with “Jaziya” the rest are used as serfs. Pakistan performed Islam in Bangla Desh (1970-71) and is presently carrying out Islam in Balochistan. The State allows the persecution, rape and murder of “lesser” Moslems such as Women, Shias, Ahmadiyas, Christians and so on who are persecuted like Brahmins are in India. The Tent of Saud is carrying out Islam on Qatif and Yemen. . The Turkey and CIA backed Daesh(ISIL to Obama, ISIS to some and Islam to most Moslems) is carrying out Islam on the Yazidi.

    Essentially, the same inequality under law and exceptions to the rule of law enshrined in the Indian Constitution as a Nouveau Caste system will disintegrate Pakistan. But much faster than India, because the Sultan, by definition, is the most extreme Moslem.

    The 18th Amendment is almost irrelevant now as Pakistan’s disintegration is predicated by its Punjabi Sunni Moslem Army, just as India’s proceeds in slower motion under a Constitution that steals from some for the benefit of other and enshrines inequality under law and exceptions to the rule of law.

    Pakistan and India are sisters under the skin. Both were born on the wrong side of the blanker to the British. Pakistan thinks it was born to an Arab father and a Punjabi Mother. Indian thinks that it was born to a Moslem father and a Dalit mother. This leaves Bangla Desh confused, Burma struggling for its identity and Srilanka having resolved its identity through the only possible means, ruthless violence. India’s disintegration following from the radical erosion of competence and integrity in all walks of life through “social engineering” is inevitable. The only question is whether Islam or Communism (China) will grab the lion’s share of the Indian Carcass. Islam (aka Chaos of the Stone Ages) seems poised to win.

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