Indian Spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh says at the UN: “Meditation is Medication for the Soul”

Sant Rajinder Singh speaking on meditation as medication for the soul at the United Nations, Monday, May 2.
Sant Rajinder Singh speaking on meditation as medication for the soul at the United Nations, Monday, May 2.

NEW YORK(TIP): Renowned spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, head of Science of Spirituality,is no stranger to the United Nations. He was a featured speaker at the Millennium World Summit in 2000, when he delivered his message of inner and outer peace through spirituality to an international audience of religious and spiritual leaders. On Monday, May 2, he gave his second address at the widely respected institution, sponsored by theUNSRC SaluS Well Being Network Club in collaboration with Science of Spirituality. Appropriate to the occasion, his topic was, “Meditation as Medication for the Soul,” based on his book by the same name.

The Reverend Susana Bastarrica, president, UNSRC SaluS Well Being Network, and Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Advisor on Myanmar to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon introduced the spiritual Master.

For the next hour, the spiritual Master spoke to an attentive audience about the benefits of meditation, emphasizing that relaxation, stress relief, better concentration, and improved relationships are byproducts of meditation, not its sole purpose. The prime purpose of stilling the body and stilling the mind in meditation is to experience God within ourselves.

He also said that in meeting with world leaders, he found they are seeking peaceful solutions to conflict.They are realizing that becoming more peaceful themselves through an interest in meditation, they are able to make better judgements in challenging situations.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s life and work can be summed up as a continuous journey of love and service. His peace paradigm, transforming lives through meditation, is an achievable construct that will heal the world one soul at a time. As head of Science of Spirituality, he is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting human unity. Among his many awards and tributes are five honorary doctorates for his tireless efforts in this field. His is a message of hope and promise, a light dispelling darkness in troubled times.

Renee Mehrra, Chief Administrative Officer for Science of Spirituality, NGO with ECOSOC, United Nations made the concluding remarks and reinforced Sant Rajinder Singhji’s profound, simple yet timeless message of inner peace, human unity at the level of the soul and compassion for all beings in the age of conflict and negativity.

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