Sadhguru calls upon youth to see danger to world from growing population and inequal distribution of wealth

Sadhguru at “Youth and Truth with Sadhguru” session with student panelists at the India Conference on Feb 17.

BOSTON(TIP): “One of the biggest problems in the world is migration. It’s estimated nearly 1.5 billion people will migrate in next 5 to 10 years’ time. What is the solution for this? The problem is – nearly 80% of the world’s investment goes to cities. We have to create business friendly environment for all. We have to invest in various areas and create livelihood”, said Sadhguru  on February 17, at the 16thedition of  India Conference, one of  the largest student-run conferences focusing on India in the USA. It is jointly organized by students of Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School.

One of the most enlightened persons of our time, Sadhguru said population growth and inequal distribution of wealth must lead to migration, and no walls or barriers could stop the influx.

Sadhguru answered questions from panelists and the audience on a number of issues at the session “Youth and Truth with Sadhguru.

Asked to comment on the subject of rape, Sadhguru said, “We have to deal with it in a sensible way. This is not a social issue – it’s a human issue. This debate has to come”.

On democracy in America, Sadhguru said he believed  there is no democracy in the United States.  “It’s feudalism”, he said.  “My father was a Republican so am  I. Same for the Democrats. How is it democracy? Every citizen has the right to express own opinion. I don’t want to take any political side. If one individual can move million votes – that means we are going back to feudalism not democracy. The idea of democracy and secret ballot is that every person will decide on his/her own and cast the vote. Political party membership should be taken away. Political parties should not enroll members because people are voting for you without looking at what you have done. Every five years we must evaluate what politicians have done – should I give them another chance or not. I support this party and I will vote for them without judging their work  – this is feudalism. This destroys fundamental democratic fabric”.

On the issue of marriage and relationship between man and woman, husband and wife, Sadhguru quipped; “Be it marketplace or marriage – for any relationship to sustain it has to be beneficial for both parties. Unless it benefits both, the business won’t last long”.

The India Conference is one of the largest student-run conferences focusing on India in the USA. It is jointly organized by students of Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. The 16th edition of the Conference was organized on February 16th and February 17th, 2019 in Boston. The theme was  ‘India at an inflection point’.

A statement on the conference said, “At the 16th edition of India Conference at Harvard, we aim to bring together India’s thought leaders for a weekend of discussions and brainstorming sessions to unravel the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for our country. The conference has a strong legacy of bringing together politicians, business leaders, entertainment professionals, public intellectuals, spiritual leaders, government officials, philanthropists, and many other leaders to meaningfully discuss key issues, solutions and opportunities in the context of India’s path to global leadership.

“This conference will bring together great business leaders, entertainment professionals, government officials, philanthropists and many other leaders to engage in conversation about India’s path to global leadership. In the past, we have been fortunate to host Amartya Sen, Omar Abdullah, Azim Premji, Kamal Hassan, Ravish Kumar, Karan Johar, and Sabyasachi Mukherjee among many other influential speakers. Our 2018 conference had over 1000 attendees and was a resounding success”.

The 2019 conference was no less star-studded and was very well attended.  The 2 -day conference  witnessed the presence of dozens of intellectuals and social activists from India and the US who dealt with dozens of issues. The young students deserve highest appreciation for organizing a great India conference, with the theme “India at an inflection point”.

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