Threats to National Security and threats to Civil Liberties

SACRAMENTO (TIP): Geneva Liberty Group’s event “1984 Day Rally to ‘Restore the Fourth’ amendment attracted about sixty attendees on August 4th, 3:00-5:00 PM, at Cesar Chavez Park located in heart of the Downtown of Sacramento. The nationwide movement ‘Restore the Fourth’ has been drawing attention of people against the National Security Administration’s surveillance program to preempt any threat to America.

The rally was one of about 50 peaceful demonstrations in cities across the country. Pieter Singh, one of the organizers, declared that the rally was to correct ongoing oppression of N.S.A, and rebuke the oppressor boldly. “Our organization seeks to secure individual liberty as the solution to ills affecting mankind, support self-government, and oppose oppression anywhere in the world.”

It is believed the movement originated on Reddit hardly a month ago. NSA’s unreasonable searches and seizures, almost all speakers emphasized, violate Fourth Amendment. Steve Macias, executive director of Cherish California Children and vice president of California Assembly referred to George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty- Four, to highlight tendency of the Obama administration for a totalitarian control of Americans’ liberties. Most speakers acknowledged Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden as keepers of Americans’ conscience in exposing the surveillance program of the federal government. India born, Eric Arthur Blair wrote under pseudonym of George Orwell. As a member of the British India’s intelligence service, Orwell had witnessed tampering of India’s history and languages.


The devious colonial network incapacitated humans to entertain any rebellious thoughts even in their private thoughts. Orwell’s fictional writing is believed to be based on his personal experiences in India and United Kingdom. The predominant theme in Orwell’s novel is that the highly organized system of surveillance and contrivance could, indeed, alter perception of reality. “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth.’Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four Steve said that NSA’s wiretaps targets phone records, emails, and children’s computer.

In an attempt to provide security, N.S.A., in fact, is endangering the very American society it pretends to protect. Jada Bernard, another speaker, stressed, “Dollars of the lobbyist are louder than the voices of the people. Chris Schwegler warned that criminals should not be allowed to define American culture. “I’m worried that our government has surpassed all limits in invading our privacy,” said Joe Hall, a 21-year-old Sacramento resident. “I am pissed off how our sacred constitution is being violated with impunity,” another young man added. The hallmark of the “Restore the Fourth” rally was that young boys and girls demonstrated a great concern at the dangerous direction the US had been taking in the 21st century.

Bhajan Singh Bhinder who represented a non-profit, Bhim Rao Ambedkar Sikh Foundation (BRASF) expressed a great concern at ever increasing wiretapping of American citizens. He said facing the truth and ending the regime of lies could only lead to peaceful coexistence. Referring to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, a giant intellectual luminary of Columbia University, New York, Bhinder said that he fought relentlessly to abolish caste system of India as necessary for a healthy global society. Joel Beall and his associates in the end entranced the audience with playing of Berembau, a Brazilian musical instrument. Capoeira, a dance form most common with Berembau, the percussion instrument, demonstrates a martial and rebellious spirit in its movements.

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