Vijay Jolly assures BJP support to Chirag Patel on phone

Delhi BJP leader Vijay Jolly deplores politics over garbage which is making Delhi dirty and dangerous to health.

NEW DELHI (TIP): Former Global Convener BJP Overseas Affairs Vijay Jolly today condemned US police brutal assault on Sureshbhai Patel Gujarati Indian national on a short visit to US in the state of Alabama.

BJP leader Mr. Jolly telephoned his son Mr. Chirag Patel in Alabama and reiterated BJP support to the aggrieved family in a long distance call.

Mr. Jolly found the whole Gujarati family is in a state of shock over this ugly incident. The unarmed Mr. Sureshbhai was brutally assaulted by US police officials in Huntsville Town in Alabama, USA revealed Mr. Chirag to Mr. Jolly.

Though no crime was committed yet the 57 years old resident of Nadiad district from state of Gujarat was subject to illegal assault resulting in his temporary state of paralysis, stated Mr. Jolly.

BJP has expressed its outrage on this ugly incident.

BJP leader Mr. Jolly has written a protest letter to the US Ambassador in India Mr. Richard Verma on the issue. State help, counseling of the aggrieved, free medical treatment, monetary compensation to the family along with severe punishment to the three US police officer involved in this gruesome assault case has been demanded by BJP leader Mr. Vijay Jolly from New Delhi.

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