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$44 billion Twitter deal ‘temporarily on hold’ over data on fake accounts; stocks slump

NEW YORK (TIP): Elon Musk tweeted on Friday, May 13,  that his $44-billion cash deal for Twitter Inc was “temporarily on hold” while he waits for the social media company to provide data on the […]

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Hard times for the state of the union

Foreign policy challenges and domestic hurdles confront U.S. President Biden in his quest for a policy legacy “At the end of the day the old adage of “It’s the economy, stupid”, continues to resonate deeply […]

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Anniversary of Attack on Capitol

Biden accuses Trump and his supporters for holding a “dagger at the throat of democracy” WASHINGTON D.C. (TIP): President Joe Biden forcefully blamed Donald Trump and his supporters for holding a “dagger at the throat […]

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Trump announces launch of media company, social media site

NEW YORK (TIP): Nine months after being expelled from social media for his role in inciting the January 6 Capitol insurrection, former President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, October 20, he’s launching a new media […]


“Open Letter”- Donald Trump – Covid 19 Tsunami ravages India

APRIL 14, 2020 [email protected] FAX: 212-545-0967 H.E. Donald J. Trump President of the United States of America H.E. Nancy Pelosi Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives H.E. Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr. Majority Leader, U.S. Senate Re: […]


“Open Letter” – PM Narendra Modi- Covid 19 Tsunami ravages India

MAY 6, 2021 [email protected] FAX: 212-545-0967 H.E. Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India Re:  “Open Letter” – in re as Covid 19 Tsunami ravages India, the need for the “raw truth” of this lab-created biowarfare […]

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Trump enters FB via daughter-in-law’s Page, kicked off again

SAN FRANCISCO (TIP): Facebook has kicked off former US President Donald Trump for the second time from its platform as he tried to evade the ban by posting an interview via a Facebook Page in […]

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Indian American Vivek Murthy confirmed as US Surgeon General

WASHINGTON (TIP): The United States Senate on Tuesday, March 23 voted to confirm Indian-origin Dr. Vivek Murthy as America’s surgeon general. The vote in the Senate was 57-43, making Dr Murthy, President Biden’s main public […]


Demi Lovato slams diet culture

Demi Lovato refuses to live her life “according to diet culture”. The ‘Confident’ hitmaker refuses to exercise or count calories anymore but admits it is a “different experience” because she feels full of “divine wisdom […]

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Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court to dismiss ‘sanctuary’ immigration suits

WASHINGTON (TIP): The Justice Department on Thursday, March 4, asked the Supreme Court to dismiss three lawsuits over a Trump-era immigration policy that led some areas to declare themselves “sanctuary cities.” The policy was part […]


House prosecutors wrap up Impeachment case against former President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON (TIP): House prosecutors concluded two days of emotional arguments in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial late Thursday, February 11, insisting that the Capitol invaders believed they were acting on “the president’s orders” to stop Joe […]

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Biden reimposes ban on travelers from Europe, Brazil, adds South Africa to list

WASHINGTON (TIP): Reversing his predecessor Donald Trump’s policy, President Joe Biden on Monday, January 25, re-imposed a ban on travelers from Europe and Brazil. The White House also barred those from South Africa from entering […]


The unprecedented assault on the Capitol-the temple of Democracy the world looks to on January 6

Chaos and violence as Pro-Trump mob occupies U.S. Capitol The shameful and disgraceful act in pictures A violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6,  and forced lawmakers […]


AS I SEE IT -“Our Nation Is like None Other; President Trump Is like None Other; Our Election Was like None Other; and 2020 Civil War Continues, As China Grabs Lands and Assets.”

The Presidential Election on November 3, 2020 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in a perverse way, was somewhat akin to 9/11 – albeit, the conflict was internal – as our Republic was convulsing, our […]

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India should consider withdrawing from the United Nations

  India’s population of 1.32 billion, 20% of World population is not represented (in the Security Council).    India is an original member of the U.N. even before it became independent.  India is the largest democracy […]

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Can the United States Renege on the Payment Due to the WHO?

COVID-19  came from Wuhan in China in late December 2019.                                It is widely believed that China is responsible for the creation and spread of Coronavirus which has snuffed out  197 K lives  in the US, […]

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Is India Meddling in US Elections 2020 ?

While there has been a lot of talk about Russian interference in US elections in 2016, and of its recurrence in 2020 elections, of Chinese interference attempts, but there has not been yet a mention […]


Why India is not the first choice

The state of our infrastructure and logistics is way behind China’s “It is idle to think that global companies will shift out of China to India just on Donald Trump’s say-so. They will do so […]

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Nancy Pelosi okays drafting of impeachment articles against Donald Trump

WASHINGTON DC (TIP): Alleging that US President Donald Trump has abused power undermining national security and jeopardizing the integrity of the elections, Speaker of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, December 5,  said they […]

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Jayapal Sues President Trump for Violating the Constitution

Currently, President Trump has conflicts of interest in at least twenty-five countries. WASHINGTON (TIP): Indian American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal has joined more than two-hundred of her colleagues in Congress including 2 Indian American lawmakers – […]


The PM’s meeting with Trump gives India a chance to study its options in a changed world

Three years after his first visit to meet U.S. President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Washington for his first meeting with the new President, Donald Trump, on June 26. His visit […]


Tete-a-tete with Trump: Modi’s upcoming US visit will make clear India’s place on priority list

As I See It “What India is seeking needs to be prioritised taking into account Trump’s predilections. Issues flowing from his electoral promises are least negotiable. For instance, the H-1 B visas are best left […]


Trump’s Immigration Policies Explained

President Trump has directed his administration to enforce the nation’s immigration laws more aggressively, unleashing the full force of the federal government to find, arrest and deport those in the country illegally, regardless of whether they have committed serious […]

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In the hierarchical approach to the world order, the scheduling of appointments with the new monarch gives a fair idea about the pecking arrangement. PM Narendra Modi gets to meet US President Donald Trump towards this month end. India‘s […]


US military praises Qatar, despite Trump tweet

WASHINGTON (TIP): The Pentagon on June 3 renewed praise of Qatar for hosting a vital US air base and for its “enduring commitment to regional security,” sticking to a message of reassurance even as President Donald Trump, via Twitter, applauded […]