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Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg Announces Run for President

NEW YORK(TIP): Former New York City Mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg officially announced today, November 24, 2019 that he was running as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election. In a statement and a […]

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US concerned about status of minorities in Pak: Ambassador

WASHINGTON(TIP): The United States is concerned about the status of minorities in Pakistan, particularly the harshness of its persecution atmosphere and the number of people getting killed, US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom […]

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A U.S.-Iran detente could be on the cards

The exit of John Bolton, and Israel’s diminished influence on Washington, signal a possible reduction in tensions. “Israel and John Bolton have been the two major obstacles to a direct encounter between the two Presidents […]

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By taking the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats can try to frame national agenda

The Democratic Party made a comeback in Tuesday’s midterm elections after spending two years in the political darkness, when it seized control of the House of Representatives. Yet, predictions of a “blue wave”, as a […]


Is India ready for Advanced Plastics?

The author says that the market for polymer and plastic products is growing steadfastly in India. Yet, India seems to be lagging in accepting new inventions and products for a variety of reasons. After studying […]


The New Deals: U.S.-Mexico-Canada Pact

After more than a year of intense negotiation, the U.S., Canada and Mexico managed to arrive at a revised trade agreement on Sunday to replace the quarter-century-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Even though […]


Leveraging China vis-a-vis Uncle Sam

“It would be naive to infer any change in China’s efforts to undermine India’s influence across its Indian Ocean neighborhood or moderate its support for Pakistan and terrorist groups like the Jaish-e-Mohammed. But it does […]

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Indian-Origin Finance Consultant among 3 Killed in US Bank Shooting

NEW YORK(TIP): An Indian- origin Finance consultant was among three people killed when a gunman opened fire in a bank building in the US city of Cincinnati. He was only 25 years old. Pruthviraj Kandepi, […]


Why These Trade Talks with Canada are getting so Tough

“By far, the biggest contributor to its export income has been the USA. Seventy-five percent of its exports are to America. Because of this enormity of its exports to America that bring in many billion […]

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Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after tax cuts, spending bill

WASHINGTON(TIP): The federal deficit jumped 20 percent in the first 10 months of the 2018 fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported Wednesday, August 8. Spending outpaced revenue between the beginning of the fiscal […]

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Remembering Oak Creek

Six years ago, on August 5, a neo-Nazi entered the Oak Creek Gurdwara and opened fire on the Sangat, killing six Sikh Americans and wounding four, in one of the worst acts of violence at […]

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At the Crossroads: the Glen Cove Gurdwara

By I.J. Singh & Neena I. Singh There is no doubt that our beloved gurdwara is at an existential crisis at this time. We will stumble through it but will we learn any lessons?  Look […]

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Resigns in the face of ethics issues

WASHINGTON(TIP): Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency who was key to implementing President Trump’s conservative agenda but came under intense scrutiny for a series of questionable ethical decisions, resigned Thursday, July 5 […]

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Interview: 4th International Day of Yoga

The Fourth International Day of Yoga is just a few days away. Since June 21, 2015, when International Day of Yoga was first celebrated, IDY celebrations have multiplied, spreading over a couple of days. This […]


An improbable friendship

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have stunned the world. They may yet surprise us by pulling off a détente.” “With Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim, it is difficult to predict how the process will unfold […]


Trump-Kim summit – Can the virus of informal summits proliferate?

Practitioners of old-style diplomacy are yet to catch their breath after the curtains had come down on the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. No black-suited diplomat sat across the table to thrust and parry, no preparatory […]


Salman Khan among 5 Bollywood stars sued for ‘million-dollar breach’ in US

The Chicago-based Vibrant Media Group in its lawsuit against the Bollywood artists, their agents alleged ‘breach of contract’. NEW YORK(TIP): Superstar Salman Khan and a host of other Bollywood artists including Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, […]

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Half of Americans back Trump’s handling of North Korea: Poll

WASHINGTON(TIP): According to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Wednesday, June 13, just over half of all Americans say they approve of how President Donald Trump has handled North Korea, but only a quarter think that […]