Easy ways of styling wide-leg jeans

With skinny jeans being officially out of the fashion, it’s time to make space for roomier and wide-leg jeans! Do you know wide-leg jeans were a vibe in the 1970s and they are again a force of nature? This trend is all the rage so we thought of using it for styling different looks.
Casual look
From being at the airport or going grocery shopping, casually dressing up can be your go-to look. Simply take an oversized t-shirt and tuck in one half of the t-shirt under the wide-leg jeans, this ensures to not divide your body in half and also makes you look a tad bit more stylish. To add a little chic twist, simply tie a knot to your oversized t-shirt and you are good to go.
Party look
For a party look, pair your wide-leg jeans with a crop top or a corset, the same outfit can become a little formal if you just layer a blazer over it.
With a staple white shirt
One can never go wrong with a white shirt and a pair of denim, the only thing is that now your denims has wide silhouettes in the bottom. This classic look can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style it. For a professional sophisticated look, simply tuck in only one side of your shirt and leave out the other half. It’s effortless and classic. The other way to turn this outfit from a day-to-night look is by wearing a bralette or corset under it and layer your white shirt as a cover-up over it.
With an off-shoulder top
Contrary to the voluminous wide silhouettes at the bottom, an off-shoulder blouse that shows some skin works very well with the jeans. It looks more aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced.
With a Kurti
To add a little touch of Indianness to your outfit, pair your wide-leg trouser with a knee-length kurti. A chikankari kurti would work best with some oxidised jewelry pieces.
Look hot and sexy without showing too much skin
Go Monochromatic: What better way to look more put together and elegant other then dressing in one tone from top to bottom. Adoring a dark hue of monochromatic look like a black on black or brown on brown can also add a little more dimension because of its deeper hue.
Sheer and lace fabric: The power of sheer and lace outfits are so under-rated. The seductive fabric can keep you feeling all secured but at the same time make the on-lookers guess what’s underneath. The fabric is right amount of tease and distinctly feminine that’s rich at the same time.
Leather: This fabric screams hotness at top notch. Having the connotations of toughness and strength, black leather is used as a favourite staple of fashion to exude hotness.
Satin : Being a delicate and romantic fabric, its soft and feminine aesthetics is not a only a great way to look more dressier but also add the right amount of oomph factor.
White Shirt and red accessories: One combination that can never go out of fashion is your staple white button down. Simply pair a white button down with an jeans and to add little colour pop to the entire look, add red lipstick or pumps to elevate the entire ensemble. You are all set to spark any irresistible fire.

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