In Afghanistan, Australian special forces ‘unlawfully killed’ 39 civilians

Melbourne/kabul (TIP): There is “credible information” that at least 19 serving and former Australian special forces allegedly committed up to 39 unlawful murders during the conflict in Afghanistan, according to a long-awaited military report into war crimes released on Nov 19. Australia launched the inquiry in 2016 amid reports from whistle-blowers and in the local media of the alleged killing of unarmed men and children in Afghanistan. The four-year inquiry by NSW Court Of Appeal Justice Paul Brereton found there was “credible information” of 23 incidents where Australian Defence Force personnel were involved in the serious crimes, either carrying out the offences or at least being “accessories” to the incidents.
Serious Violation of military ethics
These findings allege the most serious breaches of military conduct and professional values. The unlawful killing of civilians and prisoners is not acceptable. I apologise for any wrongdoing by the forces. —Angus Campbell, Chief of Defence Force
There was “credible information” that 39 Afghans were allegedly murdered by Australian special forces in 23 incidents. Two incidents could be classified as the war crime of “cruel treatment”, the report said. — PTI

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