Russia Accuses Us Over Un Statement On Syria Attack

UNITED NATIONS (TIP): Russia hasaccused US diplomats of blocking a UNSecurity Council condemnation of a bombattack in the Syrian capital that left at least59 dead.Russia’s UN mission said the United States“encourages” militant attacks by blockingthe council’s statements on attacks in Syria.Diplomats said however that Russia had inturn refused to include language criticizingally President Bashar al-Assad.The bomb near the offices of Assad’sruling party in Damascus also badlydamaged the Russian embassy. Syrianactivists said at least 59 people were killed.The 15-member council held talks on astatement proposed by Russia but the UnitedStates and other western nations had wantedto include criticism of Assad’s forces forattacking civilians, UN diplomats said.Russia refused this, they added.

“The text confirmed the unshakableprinciples that terrorism in all its forms andmanifestations constitutes one of the mostserious threats to international peace andsecurity and has no justification,” said AntonUspensky, spokesman for Russia’s UNmission.”Unfortunately, such an indispensablereaction by the Security Council to thisterrorist attack has been once again blockedby the US delegation linking it with otherquestions,” he added.”We consider unacceptable this search forjustifications for terrorist actions. It isobvious that by doing so the US delegationencourages those who have been repeatedlytargeting American interests, including USdiplomatic missions,” he said.US mission spokeswoman Erin Peltin said:”We strongly condemn all indiscriminateterrorist attacks against civilians or againstdiplomatic facilities.

“We agreed with the Russian draft of astatement from the Security Council andonly sought to add similar language on theregime’s brutal attacks against the Syrianpeople. Unfortunately, Russia refused toengage on a credible text,” she added.The council normally condemns attackson diplomatic missions. But it has beenbadly divided by the 23-month Syrian conflictwhich has left more than 70,000 dead,according to the UN.Russia and China have blocked threecouncil resolutions which would haveincreased pressure on Assad to endhostilities.UN leader Ban Ki-moon condemned theattack and others in the Syrian capital.”The secretary general reiterates his firmconviction that resorting to violence andmilitary means will only lead to moresuffering and destruction, and that apolitical solution is the only way out,” saidhis spokesman Martin Nesirky.

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