Superwoman Lilly Singh: biggest YouTube star of Indian origin

NEW YORK (TIP): Lilly Singh, who has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 800 million total views, is an Indo-Canadian comedian and rapper making her on of the biggest star of Indian origin on YouTube.

Entertainer Lilly Singh started a YouTube channel five years ago to avoid applying to grad school. Since then, she has collaborated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Franco and Jay Sean and amassed more than 6.2 million subscribers. She is popularly known as YouTube’s “Superwoman.”

Singh’s videos, usually filmed at home, take the form of personal comedic monologues and skits about banal but relatable topics. Lately, she’s branched out and produced a couple of slick music videos

Indian-origin YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, popularly known as Superwoman, is ready for her big-screen debut with her feature film “A Trip to Unicorn Island”. The 26-year-old Canada-based comedian said her new documentary, which will have an appearance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, chronicles her world tour journey and life, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s very close to my heart. It’s a story about me going through the trials and tribulations of my life, and really making the decision to be happy,” she said.

“How can I tell this story of not just my tour but my life in general to people that came to the show or couldn’t come to the show? I didn’t want to make it a video because I wanted to transcend beyond the audience I have.

“I wanted it to be in this fashion of storytelling where you could come on a journey through my life framed through my tour… The type of film this will be is a very no-barrier, no-holds-barred me being very honest with you, me talking about depression and overcoming that.”

“A Trip to Unicorn Island” is expected to release soon.

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