Modi makes a mark at BRICS Summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a mark at the summit by putting forth several important proposals which can greatly impact the member nations.

Apart from the summit, the proposed one to one meeting with his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif early on Friday is seen as a significant way forward in the India Pakistan relations. He also met him over dinner the previous night but that was only to exchange pleasantries.

Modi also utilized the opportunity to meet the top leaders from China and Russia and talk on bilateral issues during his first major summit since assuming office last year.

He came out with half a dozen ‘big ideas’ which can benefit the residents of the member states.

Among these ideas is a push for digit technology. While addressing the main session, Modi said that digital technology can play a crucial role I financial inclusion and delivery of services to everyone. He said sharing best practices in the files should be made a priority by the BRICS members.

Pursuing his agenda for promoting clean energy, Modi said that he wanted the proposed new development Bank to fund the first major project in the field of clean energy.

Another important proposal mooted by him was to start a sports tournament for BRICS nations.

He stressed the need to set up a BRICS agricultural research centre which “would be a gift to the world “. He also mooted better access to clean potable water supply.

The Indian Prime minister also pitched for stronger and deeper cooperation among BRICS members- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. In a veiled attack on the west, Modi said that unilateral sanctions were hurting the global economy. Observers point out that he was referring to the sanctions imposed by the west on Moscow after Crimea joined Russia in March 2014.

Modi pointed out that BRICS countries together formed 44 percent of the world’s population, contributing 40 percent to the global GDP and 18 percent to the world trade.

The combined economic output last year of the BRICS nations almost matched the gross domestic product of the US while in 2007 the U.S. Economy was double that of the BRICS members


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