Bobby Jindal considering Presidential Bid, sends top aides to Iowa to strategise

Indian American Governor Bobby Jindal seems to be considering his run for president in 2016. 

Media reports that Teepell and Parker are relocating to Iowa to help build a team there if Jindal runs for president.  Jindal has made frequent trips to Iowa and other important early primary states.

Timmy Teepell who is Governor’s chief political adviser told media that Jindal wants to stay focused on the final session of his term before deciding about the White House bid. 

Jindal has said he won’t announce a run until after the legislative session ends in June,and his last staff change-up came in August. The legislative session begins April 13.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz launched the first major campaign of the presidential election cycle March 23 with more GOP candidates expected to launch their bid in coming weeks.



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