Donald Trump Vs. Adolf Hitler

After Trump’s call to ban Muslims from America drew comparisons with the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, some have started refereeing to him as “The New Fuhrer”. A spokesperson for the Council on America-Islamic Relations compared Trump’s  venomous attack on Muslims to Nazi rhetoric from the 1930s, saying the Republican candidate “sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours.”

Whatever one may think of it, businessman Donald Trump’s recent call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is in no way directly comparable to the very genuine horrors of the Holocaust, or the murderous regime of Adolf Hitler; however, it does share some early signs of the horror to come which Hitler showed in his book “Mein Kampf”.

Words can be wielded both for good and for evil. Mr. Trump’s continuous use of dark powerful words in his bid for the White House  will have an everlasting effect on American way and the values we are known for.

Free speech Vs. Hate speech Vs. Plan Sedition – His way with words has rarely been seen in modern politics, except used by the very people that Trump is trying to save America from. He continues to move on hate politics with his potent language to connect with, and often stoke the fears and grievances of Americans.

Difference of Opinion Vs Right to Co-Exist – We have seen this grow into the WWII and must see this together from the philosophical as well logical viewpoint.

Philosophical view tells us that to have dissent is a way of life and logically if everyone shared the same view, then there would not have been any disagreement  ever. There is no limit to how much a person can rise or fall when it comes to morals and we have had plenty of examples from the last 2000 years of documented history on this.

But it is because of history that our society has evolved and it has taken us a long time to break from the clutches of slavery, oppression and dictatorship.

In this era  where radicalization /suppression has become the tool to justify one man’s fight for justice to become terrorism for another man words play a much larger role and have to be weighed properly.

Still Donald Trump has said he will never leave the 2016 race despite widespread criticism of his remarks, especially about Muslims. Mr. Trump is the current frontrunner among the Republicans running for president, six weeks before the primary contests begin for each party to pick their nominee. Republican Party officials fear a third-party Trump campaign would spilt the Republican vote, and give Democrats a winning advantage.

A White House spokesperson said Mr. Trump was “disqualified” from running after he said the US should ban Muslims from entering the country.

The latest world leader to reject his remarks was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said Israel “respects all religions”, hours after Mr. Trump announced he will be visiting the country this month.

Here are some of Mr. Trump’s comments :

  • Arab Americans cheered on the 9/11 attacks, despite a lack of evidence
  • A “great, great wall” should be built between the US and Mexico
  • Many Mexicans in the US are criminals and rapists
  • There should be a mass deportation of illegal migrants in the US
  • Muslims should be banned from entering the US solely on grounds of their religion

5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler’s Rise to Power

● 5. He blames a Specific Group of Immigrants for all our problems (and promises to eliminate them from our society)

● 4. He’ll sell his hate as hope for the poorest citizens in this country

● 3. Don’t think concentration camps; just think prisons

● 2. Not taking him seriously makes him more dangerous

● 1. He used to keep a copy of Hitler’s sequel to Mein Kampf by his bed

Reasons Why Trump might  just Win

  • Despair: Imagine if on almost every issue important to you over the last eight years you’re watching the other side win. It is hard to underestimate the anger of the Republican primary voter. First, The President and then the Pope and it feels to you like the world is collapsing. Think about gay marriages and socialized medicine.
  • Issues: Three of the main issues animating Trump’s candidacy?- ?immigration, free trade, and political corruption.
  • Desire: One of the things about political campaigns is that generally speaking the candidate who wants it most tends to win. You have to really want it.
  • Poll trends: Opinion Polls don’t always tell the truth in a snapshot but that the trends in polls over time are worth trusting.
  • Confidence: Trump sticks to his guns and seemed untroubled even after making wrong statements. He doesn’t apologize

Republican Party voters will begin voting on 1st  February in Iowa, followed by New Hampshire and then a bevy of other states, to decide who will represent the party against the Democratic nominee.

Ideally, time will prove if there are more crazy comments in store, but approaching the Trump candidacy as a comedy sketch that will never come true could potentially be the most tragic mistake this country will ever make, and you don’t need to look any further than the publicly documented words and actions of the man himself to see just how true that is.

My Opinion: No to nomination or presidency. 

For the avoidance of doubt, we are merely comparing rhetoric here. Whatever the perceived similarities  in the things they say, there remains a vital difference in what they do: Hitler caused the deaths of millions; Mr. Trump has no criminal record and is a democratic politician running in a free election.


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