Kamlesh Mehta, Nassau County’s director of business and economic development resigns

Nassau County Director of Economic Affairs Kamlesh Mehta
Kamlesh Mehta
October 18, 2015 NEW YORK (TIP): The Indian Panorama was the first newspaper to publish in its October 16 edition  the news of the resignation of  Kamlesh Mehta, Nassau County’s director of business and economic development. http://www.theindianpanorama.news/united-states-america/new-york/nassau-county-director-of-economic-affairs-kamlesh-mehta-resigns-article-48097.html
2  days later, on October 18, Newsday published a report  on Mehta’s resignation saying Mehta resigned  amid a Newsday  examination of his role in the county administration.
Our understanding is that there is more than what has been given out in Newsday report and we will get to know it in days to come. We will share with our readers the information as and when we are ready with it.
Meanwhile, we are reproducing here the  October 18 Newsday report on Mehta.

Kamlesh Mehta, associate of indicted restaurateur, quits Nassau job; sued over thousands in unpaid bills

Kamlesh Mehta, a close associate of indicted Bethpage restaurateur Harendra Singh, has resigned as Nassau County’s director of business and economic development, amid a Newsday examination of his role in the county administration.

Mehta secured his $79,000-a-year county position despite a checkered financial past that includes a home foreclosure, two bankruptcy filings and lawsuits against…




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