New York Attorney Ravi Batra seeks from Kerry visa for Patel’s wife

Attorney Ravi Batra
Attorney Ravi Batra

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]NEW YORK (TIP): Meanwhile, New York based eminent attorney Ravi Batra  has written to US Secretary of State John Kerry to issue a Humanitarian Visa to Sureshbhai Patel’s  wife so that she could come and see her husband. Ravi has also written to Air India Regional Manager Rishikant Singh to bring Mrs. Patel here free of cost, and to assist her to meet all necessary protocols for international travel, once the Visa is issued. Here is the text of the two letters.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Letter to  Sec. John Kerry:

Hon. John Kerry
U.S. Secretary of State Department of State Washington DC

Re:  Request a Humanitarian Visa for Shakuntala Patel, wife of Suresh Bhai – now of Madison’s Infamy

 Dear and respected Secretary Kerry,

First, let me acknowledge the grace and skill by which you have been addressing the monumental amount of multilateral and bilateral issues, such that you have done us all proud as you bring your enormous talents, patience and wisdom in advancing global peace and security, consistent with vital American interests with due regard to our celebrated separated powers regime. 

While I could have written to you as chair of the National Advisory Council on South Asian Affairs, I felt this was more a bilateral issue, and hence, I write as an Indian-American, proud of my roots, and as a citizen who adores and cherishes what makes America special: our hallowed Constitution and Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Given the horrific events in Madison, Alabama, where a member of its Police Department flipped and slammed an actually innocent Sureshbhai Patel to the frozen ground and fractured his cervical vertebrae, causing instant quadriplegia. A firestorm has resulted, even as I have publically informed that President Obama’s DOJ’ initiation of a parallel federal civil rights investigation ab initio is a rare gift to Indian-Americans and India, even as it seeks to reconcile two abiding principles: Cops are, and must remain, role models in society and Citizens have civil rights. 

As an American, and your fan, I write to request a humanitarian visa for Shakuntala Patel, wife of Sureshbhai, consistent with the highest standards of compassion America stands for, subject to all laws, rules and regulations. This will go a long way in being an ointment to many a hurt soul. I am also separately requesting Air India, India’s national carrier, to provide Mrs. Patel with respectful passage, addressing all necessary protocols. I support President Obama’s recent reaffirmation of 1st A. secularism.

With warmest personal regards,

Respectfully, Ravi Batra”

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 Letter to Air India:

“Rishikant Singh
Regional Manager, Air India 570 Lexington Avenue, 14th fl New York, NY


Dear Rishikant,

I am aware of the great work Air India has always done to enhance bilateral relations between the United States and India. Indeed, one could state the same sentiment for each of the places Air India flies. 

I have just penned a letter-request to our great Secretary of State John Kerry for the issuance of a humanitarian visa for Shakuntala Patel. I am aware of the limited resources of the Patel family, and Air India’s history as India’s national carrier to help Indian citizens in times of grave risk, such as evacuation from Libya. 

I’m sure you know of the horrific events in Madison, Alabama, where a member of its Police Department flipped and slammed an actually innocent Sureshbhai Patel to the frozen ground and fractured his cervical vertebrae, causing instant quadriplegia. 

As an Indian-American, proud of my “roots,” I request Air India to provide respectful passage, and every assistance for honoring all protocols of international travel, and to bring Shakuntala Patel to Madison Alabama, once such a visa is issued by America’s history-making Ambassador Richard
“Rahul” Verma upon direction by Secretary John Kerry. Your making it happen, with India’s necessary approval, will be highly valued as it will help to remove an un-necessary and un-expected irritant in an otherwise enhanced bilateral relationship – given President Obama’s recent attendance of India’s Republic Day – a relationship that will define the 21st Century for all nations and people to have more peace, more security and more economic growth – a tryst with destiny that I have been waiting for since India’s independence.

With warm personal regards, Sincerely,
Ravi Batra



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