Queens Borough President Katz receives spiffing welcome from ICCD

NEW YORK (TIP): Interfaith Council for Community Development hosted a welcome party for Melinda Katz, the new Queens Borough President. The event was held at Richie Rich Palace hotel at Richmond Hill on Thursday, January 16 evening. Speaking at the event, Mr. Jarnail Singh Gilzian said, “We are extremely happy having Melinda Katz as President of Queens Borough.

She grew up in Queens and only someone who is from this background can understand and solve the woes of our community. Queens has the most diverse languages spoken than any other city and with that comes problems in many ways. We are positive under her Presidentship Melinda Katz will be able to address our problems and work with us in promoting a better life in Queens.”

Katz, who attended the welcome meeting on her 15th day at the office, said she was thrilled to be part of such a stimulating environment. “We are the borough of Queens. There are over 160 languages spoken here which is the largest number compared to any other city. This is a cause for much dismay and curiosity for other countries and cities. We do it because we all belong to a common value. We come here to build a better life for ourselves and give our children a wonderful education and nourished future.”

On being asked about her immediate plans for the borough, she said, “There is an excitement in the city. It’s a new mayor, new council members. We all are here to strive to provide the best for our city. Our goal is to provide the best education for our kids, secure their future and provide multi-lingual and multi-cultural senior care for our elders.” The ceremony was attended by members of the Interfaith Council for Community Development and other distinguished personalities of the Indian American community.


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