US cant elect a man who belittles allies: Biden

Joe Biden

Hinting at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, US Vice President Joe Biden has said that Americans cant elect a man who belittles closest allies and embraces Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We cant elect a man who belittles our closest allies and embraces Vladimir Putin. A man who seeks to sow division among our allies for his own gain. And disorder around the world,” Biden said addressing the Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade along with Senator Tim Kaine, the vice presidential running mate of Hillary Clinton.

Biden endorsed Clinton as next occupant of the White House.

“Its time we get out of our own way and get Trump out of the way and elect this guy and Hillary Clinton, president and vice president of the United States of America,” Biden said.

“Folks, we cant let it happen. Let me tell you what I literally tell every world leader. And I want you guys to be reminded of it. Its never, never, never, ever been a good bet to bet against the American people. Not one single time,” said the Vice President.

“In America, we never bow. We never bend. We never break when confronted with crisis. We endure and we overcome and its because of you weve been able to do it. Its time to get up and holler. Its time to get up and get back. I am more optimistic about the prospects America today than I ever have been in my whole career,” Biden said.


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