Biden likely to give India more strategic space

Biden has said that he would constitute a united front of the US, its allies and partners to ‘confront China’s abusive behavior and human rights violations’ and ‘place US back at the head of the […]

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WikiLeaks: We’ll work with tech firms to defeat CIA hacking

WikiLeaks will work with technology companies to help defend them against the Central Intelligence Agency’s hacking tools, founder Julian Assange said on Thursday, an approach which sets up a potential conflict between Silicon Valley firms […]

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US, EU rift: Trump White House to rescue Indian-origin CIA agent

WASHINGTON (TIP): The Trump White House is coming to the rescue of a CIA agent of Indian-origin who is being extradited from Portugal to Italy following a conviction for her role in kidnapping an Egyptian […]

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How 4 federal lawyers paved the way to kill Osama bin Laden

WASHINGTON (TIP): Weeks before President Barack Obama ordered the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May 2011, four administration lawyers hammered out rationales intended to overcome any legal obstacles — and made it all […]


Musharraf equates Bal Thackeray with Hafiz Saeed, calls Osama a Hero

In an interview to a Pakistani channel, Pakistan’s former president General Pervez Musharraf made scathing comments about Bal Thackeray and Pakistan’s support to extremist outfits in the past. Haqqani is our hero of 1980s & Osama […]


‘Pak under Zia-ul-Haq broke promise on uranium enrichment’

WASHINGTON (TIP): Pakistan under dictator general Zia-ul-Haq’s administration broke its promise on uranium enrichment in the 1980s, a series of newly declassified documents have shown amid reports that the US is considering a civil nuclear […]

US Drones target Pakistan based Terror Outfits

US Drone Strike Kills Seven in Pakistan

A US drone strike in Pakistan’s volatile South Waziristan tribal region today killed at least seven militants and injured two others. “A vehicle close to a militant compound was the target of the strike in […]

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Hack by Chinese leads to resignation of OPM’s Director

Katherine Archuleta said she would step down on Friday to help the department “move beyond the current challenges”. Authorities suspect that Chinese-based hackers targeted the computer systems of the OPM, which acts as the personnel […]


Pope calls for new economic order, criticises capitalism

SANTA CRUZ(BOLIVIA) (TIP): Pope Francis on July 9 urged the downtrodden to change the world economic order, denouncing a “new colonialism” by agencies that impose austerity programs and calling for the poor to have the […]

Pakistan shuts down ‘Save the Children’

Pakistan shuts down ‘Save the Children’ offices

ISLAMABAD (TIP): Pakistan ordered international children’s aid agency ‘Save the Children’ to shut down its operations in the country as authorities today said no NGOs “working against the country” will be allowed to continue. The charity’s […]

Taken together, these documents and reading materials paint a complex, nuanced portrait of the world's most wanted man in the years before he was killed in the raid on his compound.

Secrets of the bin Laden ‘treasure-trove’ – 106 documents released

In his final years hiding in a compound in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden was a man who at once showed great love and interest in his own family while he coldly drew up quixotic plans […]

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Ex-general, CIA chief Petraeus gets probation, $100,000 fine in leak case

CHARLOTTE, NC (TIP): Former US military commander and CIA director David Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay a$100,000 fine but was spared prison time on April 23 after pleading […]

Indian-origin student and entrepreneur Pooja Chandrashekar created history by securing admission at all eight Ivy League schools and six other top US universities.
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Pooja Chandrashekar: Indian-American Teen Whiz cracks All 8 Ivy League Schools

Indian-origin student and entrepreneur Pooja Chandrashekar created history by securing admission at all eight Ivy League schools and six other top US universities. “They are all fantastic schools, so I couldn’t discount any of them… I wanted to make sure I could […]

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CIA gave cops secret technology to spy on cell phones

WASHINGTON (TIP): Empowered by a technology developed by the CIA, the US Justice Department uses secret airborne devices that mimic cellphone towers to track American citizens while hunting criminal suspects, a media report has said. […]


Pakistan likely sheltered Osama: Ex-ISI chief

ISLAMABAD (TIP): The former chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI, Lt. Gen. Asad Durrani (retd) has said that the Government of Pakistan is likely to have sheltered slain terror mastermind Osama bin Laden and handed […]



Even if BJP wins the Delhi there are some reminders/lessons to Narendra Modi and BJP leaders that they cannot afford to ignore.      Lesson 1:  Local corruption:   While BJP under leadership of Narendra Modi […]

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Crucial spy in Cuba paid a heavy Cold War price

WASHINGTON (TIP): He was, in many ways, a perfect spy — a man so important to Cuba’s intelligence apparatus that the information he gave to the Central Intelligence Agency paid dividends long after Cuban authorities […]

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CIA chief challenges Senate torture report

WASHINGTON (TIP): CIA director John Brennan threaded a rhetorical needle in an unprecedented televised news conference at CIA headquarters on December 11 acknowledging that agency officers did “abhorrent” things to detainees but defending the overall […]

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CIA tweets ‘Argo’ errors on Iran crisis anniversary

LOS ANGELES (TIP): The CIA on Friday good naturedly highlighted the inaccuracies in Oscar-winning Iran hostage drama “Argo,” in a series of tweets to mark the anniversary of the 1979 crisis. The 2012 film tells […]

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Kill the Messenger

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Oliver Platt, Michael Sheen, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia Direction: Michael Cuesta Genre: Drama Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes STORY: The film tells the story of American investigative […]


Nobel Peace Prize for Indian Subcontinent: Kailash of India and Malala of Pakistan share the coveted prize

LONDON (TIP): History was made on October 10 when an Indian and a Pakistani jointly shared the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014. India‘s Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize […]

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Why US didn’t share anything on Osama’s hideout with Pakistan

WASHINGTON (TIP): Pakistani spy agency ISI having close ties with terror groups is an open secret and this was the reason why the US did not share the intelligence about the raid on Osama bin […]

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US edges up to Mission Creep in Middle East

WASHINGTON (TIP): Mission Creep, a term that has come to describe a gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in unplanned long-term commitment, came into the American lexicon during […]

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CIA triples estimate of Islamic State strength

WASHINGTON (TIP): Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria now have about 20,000 to 31,500 fighters on the ground, the Central Intelligence Agency said on Sep 11, much higher than a previous estimate of 10,000. […]

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US State Department: ‘No American is proud’ of CIA tactics

WASHINGTON (TIP): The US State Department has endorsed the broad conclusions of a harshly critical Senate report on the CIA‘s interrogation and detention practices after the 9/11 attacks that accuses the agency of brutally treating […]