We congratulate our readers on the happy occasion of  Vaisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab. We congratulate the Sikh community on the joyous, momentous and historic occasion of their birth.

The Sikhs probably are the only religious community in the world to know their day of birth. Way back in 1699, on the day of Vaisakhi, the creator of the Khalsa, the Tenth Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, had put to a severe test the loyalty and faith of his followers and admirers, who had converged on Shri Anandpur Sahib from far and near at the invitation of the Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh on that historic day created the Khalsa, the purified ones who would fight against injustice and tyranny and protect the poor and the oppressed. He gave to His followers a distinct identity and a moral code which distinguished them from other followers of the Guru.

These followers of the Guru were to wage a struggle and march into the battlefield with the firm rock like faith and belief in their Guru, and in their resolve to win.

Guru Gobind Singh is probably the only person in history to have sacrificed his whole family to protect others from tyranny- social, economic, political and human.

Guru Gobind Singh’s father , Guru Tegh Bahadur martyred himself to save the Hindus from persecution at the hands of the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed all his four sons for protecting dharma. His mother couldn’t bear to see her grandsons being bricked alive in Sirhind and bade goodbye to the mundane world.

Guru Gobind Singh himself spent all his life fighting against the tyranny of the Mughals, and treachery, machinations, and intrigues of the neighboring Hill princes , who were jealous and apprehensive of the Guru’s growing popularity and power.

Guru Gobind Singh brought to culmination the movement initiated by Guru Nanak, the First Master of the Sikhs, to encourage the oppressed to stand up against the perpetrators of oppression.

“Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive”, famous English poet William Wordsworth said of the French Revolution.

We are fortunate as was Wordsworth to have witnessed the French Revolution, to be watching the march of Guru ki Fauj- the Khalsa. It is time to recall the teachings of the Great Master. It is time to recall to mind the ideals he stood for. It is time to recall the cause he fought for, and remember with both pride and humility, the supreme sacrifices he made.

Let his followers rededicate themselves to their Great Guru and resolve to follow the path shown by Him- a life of righteousness, relentless fight for human rights against tyranny, oppression, and injustice. Let them imbibe and respect the democratic ideals of equality, liberty, and fraternity of mankind. Let them remember that their Guru had enjoined upon them to be purified ones- the Khalsa.

The Guru prays:
“ Grant me this boon, O God,
May I never refrain from righteous acts;

May I fight without fear
All foes in life’s battle,
With confident courage
Claiming the victory;

May my highest ambition be
To sing thy praises ,
And may Thy Glory be
Grained in my mind!

When this mortal life
Reaches its limits,
May I die fighting
With limitless courage.

Happy birthday to Khalsa. Happy Vaisakhi to all our readers.

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