Coup In INOC (I) USA Shudh Manages To Oust George

    NEW YORK (TIP): The 82 year old Dr. Karan Singh has done it again. This time, not from New Delhi but sitting in New York. He has announced appointment of Shudh Jasuja as President of INOC (I) USA as dramatically as he had given marching orders to Dr. Surinder Singh Malhotra a year ago and inducted George Abraham as President. The announcement effecting the change of guard was made by Dr. Singh at a reception to honor him at a Flushing banquet hall June 20.

    George Abraham who was appointed for a two year term was taken by surprise as he has yet a year to go before his term ends. It is learnt that the INOC (I) USA is divided right in the middle following the announcement. There was a lot of tension and the supporters of Shudh Jasuja and George Abraham were heard exchanging hot words. The agitated supporters of George Abraham tried to stop Dr. Singh’s car as he was leaving and shouted repeatedly Karan Singh Murdabad.

    Some said a huge payment was made to Mohan Singh, Senior Private Secretary to Dr. Karan Singh to secure his good offices to recommend Shudh Jasuja’s appointment. It may be recalled that Dr. Malhotra too had leveled allegations of bribes to the same person when he was removed as President. Supporters of Shudh Jasuja were said to be greatly elated and shouted Karan Singh Zindabad, Shudh Jasuja Zindabad. Clearly, the lines are drawn unless one of the two sides decides to surrender meekly which probably is not going to happen. It will be interesting to watch in the next few days the course the INOC (I) USA politics will take.


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