Expel the lawless lawmakers

    They have once again brought shame to India. What can you do with a member of parliament who sprays pepper in the parliament? What can you do with a member of parliament who snatches papers from the presiding officer of the House?

    What can you do with a legislator who slaps a Marshall in the Assembly? What can you do with legislators who take off their shirts in the Assembly? They are our lawmakers. But they are the worst lawbreakers.

    Our heads hang in shame to see them behave like ruffians. It is unfortunate that the nation has to witness such macabre scenes in our legislatures where the wisdom of the chosen should be working to find ways to deal with the issues impacting the lives of billions of people. Let them look around and see a sea of problems engulfing the nation.

    Sixty five years of independence and what do we have? Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, disease and the mother of all, corruption. It is these issues that our lawmakers should be dealing with. It is these issues that should invite their attention and concern and impel them in to making laws to bring succor to the common people.

    But, unfortunately, their priorities are misplaced. It is time that all political parties agree on a strict code of conduct for all members of parliament and legislatures. The existing code has failed to work. The least that the parties should do is to expel the members who were unruly and brought bad name to all lawmakers and shame to the nation. A beginning has to be made; and the sooner the better.


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