No bigotry, please

    We have several Indians contesting congressional elections across the United States and two from Silicon Valley – A Republican and a Democrat. I only wish, I could visit each one of them and ask them to reflect India’s pluralistic ethos in their dealings and not get stuck up with bigotry of exclusive organizations.

    We need to learn to be inclusive to be even more successful,we are all one family, a great gift from Vedic teachings that is completely forgotten by the politicians there, and I hope the Indian America Politicians here will least learn from Tulsi Gabbard before they launch, and I am going to set up my shop for the upcoming congress persons to learn to be pluralistic.

    60% of Americans have liked the Coke commercials in a Dallas Morning News Survey, 20% are happy about it, but we still have 20% that did not like inclusion. 72% of Americans believe that there are multiple paths to God; Jesus is not the only one.

    America is moving towards Pluralism, and we need to guard these values, to ensure generations of Americans will enjoy living in America, and our kids and grand kids will not be subjected to bigotry. Have we taught our kids to be biased towards other people? If we have, we have poisoned them, at least guard ourselves from biasing others.


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