“India’s Land Acquisition Act”

    Land Acquisition Bill

    Dear Mr. Makkar,

    I appreciate and congratulate you  for bringing the facts in India.

    It is next to impossible to find a man like Mahatma Gandhi who was almost pious and always worrying for the common man. Even the Late Prime Minister Morarjibhai Desai was always thinking for the common good of the public. In his time the prices of Sugar which sky rocketed was brought to the level of Rs.2.50 per Kilogram around 1977 or so.

    I have gone side tracked little.

    But now look after getting Independence (which we were not deserving because we do not know how to rule for the common good. These politicians are always worried for their benefits and the cast proned voting and then caste based governance at the Government has ruined the country.

    Even a talented person does not get recognition in India but he gets recognition in other country. so Indian Newspaper then tries to get credit by publishing this.

    In the last paragraph, you have touched upon :Come to India; Make in India; we will give you cheap land labor”. It is true but at the same time not new. It is an old in new bottle.

    He is visiting various countries and always talk of two things (1) invest in India (2) Make in India. So he is now increasing the cap for the foreign investor in India. So suppose foreign investors invest in India. But ultimately, the profit etc earned will go out from India. What a contradiction ? Invite FIIs to invest in India for products under :Make in India”. Why ? India has enough resources of money (white and black) why not to use Indian capital and make in India .

    As far as the agricultural land is concerned – in India, the bureacrats bifurcate land into cultivable and uncultivable land. – called Banjar land. Banjar land is owned by the Government and is sold on so called lease for 99 years with a zero level price and you know who are the buyers ? Then they notify this land for the so called benefit of the public like schools, colleges, Hospitals but who are the promoters of those so called amenities ? They loot the public.

    Again agriculture land is categorieD under R 1 zone, R 2 ZONE OR R 3 ZONE. Then certain interested parties buy this Agri land, pay money to the farmer, get it notified as NA and then executed sale deed and ownership is transferred from the farmer to the developer/builder. Then the category of such land is changed from R 1 Zone etc to R 2 Zone etc.

    In certain zone, we can not make a building of more than some floors (like 1st floor or second floor level, third floor level)So if it is shifted from one zone to another by notification etc., they can construct high rise building and put a scheme and earn huge profit Simultaneously, they increase the FSI (floor space area) by notification and thus earn huge profit.

    Now imagine, why and for whom this is being done ?

    I wish that your article should be published in Indian National Newspapers like Times of India, The Indian Express, and in regional newspapers of high demand.

    I wonder when India can improve. It is more than 1000 years back. and everybody is interested in “what will I get” and “what goes from me”. If that mindset of the people is not changed, I doubt India can improve.

    It is difficult to find hard and hardest words from the dictionary for the politicians and bureaucrats.

    Thanking you and have a nice day


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