Mangano is a lesson in Governance

    Local elections, whether in India or in the US, remain very much localized. The issues that may attract the attention of voters at the national level or at a level higher than the municipality are not the ones to occupy the mind of voters when it comes to voting for a Mayor or an Executive of a County. This fact is quite clear from the recently concluded elections to Nassau County and New York City. In the local elections, party affiliations do not matter much. Had it been so, Nassau County would have a Democrat in position as Executive, for the number of registered Democratic voters in the County is much higher than the number of registered Republican voters. Again, the voter turn out has clearly established that Democrats did not come out in full strength to vote whereas the Republicans voted in strength. The lack of interest among Democratic voters can only be attributed to their being satisfied with the policies of Ed Mangano. What the voters in local elections look at is how comfortable they are made to feel. And Mangano who did not raise taxes and promised not to raise taxes, was more acceptable than the Democrat Tom Suozzi to a considerably large section of Democrats also.

    It is not surprising then that the more acceptable candidate won, regardless of what party he is affiliated with and what party the voter is affiliated with. And Magano not only retained his own position, he has been responsible for the victory of his Comptroller George Maragos, too. Such has been his goodwill that anybody riding with him would have been in heavens. In the neighboring New York City, the common man felt there was a better person in Bill de Blasio to look after their interests. He was happy with Bloomberg. But he could not trust a Joe Lhota. So, here you have a Democrat being elected New York City Mayor after two decades, even though New York has almost 6 Democrats to 1 Republican, and going by this number, all mayors should have been Democrats. But no. It is not the numbers of a party, but the local considerations that prompt the mind of a voter in a local election, like the one we had in Nassau County and in New York City. We wish all winners all the success.


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