The Marvel of Ingenuity

    The marvel of ingenuity disappeared
    Within the twinkling of an eye-
    From the skyline of New York on 911,
    And the world listened to the solemn good-bye!…

    No doubt, the rubble are telling the horrifying tales
    Of cruel death of fellow mankind-
    While the memories of the crumbling towers
    Do now boggle my mind!

    Moistures from the gentle breeze cooled these towers
    Against the morning sun-
    But the strikes of calamity appeared on the scene
    And dismayed the laughter and fun!

    Waves from the New York traffic were greeting the millions
    To earn their daily bread-
    While in a hurry, the towers collapsed
    And rubbles with ashes buried the human thread!

    The hapless thousands vanished from the Earth,
    Along with the structures of modern time-
    While the memories keep on haunting,
    And equate human lives with nickel and dime!

    Horror from the scene still affects the emotion of
    survivors Followed by the fear-
    And the agonizing tales of human sufferings
    Now drench my weary eyes to tear!

    The hue and cry from the demised businesses
    Reverberate the modern global air-
    While the jobless men and women are facing the brunt
    That we must take care!

    Let us offer our helping hands to re-build
    The lives of such unprecedented call-
    And wipe away the tears in a rush
    To make these towers stand pretty tall!

    Every drop of rain in the ocean helps
    To regain water via the evaporation loss-
    And keeps the world moving
    Where God is our Almighty, the Boss!

    In God We Trust is our motto, and unto Him,
    Let’s keep our faith with love-
    And pray for the blessings, to overcome this tragedy,
    From His home above!!

    “Milestone” September 11, 2001


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