Much More than Rhetoric is needed for Good Governance

    The Aam Aadmi Party made too many promises to be kept in too little a time and fell flat. From a rising star it turned in to a fallen star. One hopes, other political parties will take a lesson and not be in a hurry to promise suns, moons and stars to the people of the country.

    So long as the people are not taken in to a dream world they compromise with their conditions, howsoever unpleasant. But once, their desire to be transported in to that world is aroused, they are like hungry wolves. They must devour whatever comes their way. AAP knows it by now. One sincerely hopes the new government that has been emphasizing so much on “sushshan”- good governance- will not go in for populism beyond what the BJP has already done and let the people know they cannot expect a sea change overnight. Already, BJP has made too many commitments to 1.2 billion people that have given much hope for a change in their living conditions.

    One shudders to think what they will do if they feel cheated and betrayed. While nobody should doubt the sincere desire of the new government to bring in a perceptible change in the governance, it ought to be kept in mind that governance depends upon the conditions obtaining in the country.

    It is not always that governance changes the conditions. More often conditions decide the form and efficacy of governance. Take for example, the recent power shortage in Delhi. There may be nothing wrong with “governance” but there is nothing right with the conditions and situation. Despite the best intentions, government is not in a position to evidence its good governance. Similarly, the rising prices that affect most the masses whose smile, you never know when it will change in to a frown, once they conclude the government is inefficient. The measure of governance of a government is how far it is able to keep the masses satisfied. And, much more than rhetoric is needed to achieve that end.


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