Nations of the world need to find peace in war torn Iraq and Syria

    America has been compelled to get involved in another conflict, much against the will of its people and President Obama himself who had once disapproved of U.S. involvement in Iraq, and later spoken strongly in favor of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in a phased manner by the end of 2014. Obama appeared to give an impression that he will not commit USA to another conflict. However, circumstances in the Middle East have forced the hand of the unwilling-to-go -to -war Obama in to accepting the fait accompli.

    So, the scene is laid out. America will not commit troops but will provide wherewithal to “destroy” the ISIS- the Islamic, Jihadi monster. The air strikes will not remain confined to areas in Iraq where ISIS has captured a vast swath and has fortified its positions; Syria will also receive the beating. It doesn’t need much imagination to conclude that the conflict will be a bloody one in which not only ISIS elements will lose lives, thousands of innocent civilians will also die.

    Nobody can predict how long the conflict will continue but one thing is certain the agony of the people in the two countries is likely to be a prolonged one. Another aspect of the conflict, besides loss of life and misery of the people in Iraq and Syria, is how it will affect and define relationship between the populations in the zone of conflict. Iraq is divided amongst Sunnis, Shias and the Kurds. Today, in view of threat from ISIS, there is a semblance of unity that is evident from formation of a government there.

    But how real the unity is and how long will they remain united, given the history of their conflicts, is anybody’s guess. Syria has been going through a domestic turmoil for years now. The internal conflict was accentuated by outside forces. Even today, left to the Syrians themselves, they may be able to find a peaceful settlement. But then, the policemen of the world may not approve of it.

    The result is there for all to see. Hundreds keep dying and destruction of property makes cities desolate. Where are we heading for? It certainly is not the road to peace. Nations of the world must sit up and find a lasting solution, a peaceful solution, not a bloody prolonged conflict which takes away innocent lives and turns green pastures in to deserts.


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