Thus far and No Farther

    India needs to do a little plain speaking with Pakistan. For decades now Pakistan has been trying to bleed India every now and then. The long history of Pakistani insensitivity to good neighborly relations is, on the one hand, disturbing and, on the other, disgusting. One wonders why it does not get in to the heads of the Pakistani rulers that peace in the region will benefit all.

    Pakistan certainly will benefit more than India by conserving its financial resources to improving the lot of the massive population that suffers because of poverty, malnutrition and disease. Imagine, the two countries in trying to maintain military power balance, have deprived their populations of the fruits of development. Imagine, the money saved on arms and ammunition and ploughed in to building infrastructure and educational and health facilities that the vast numbers are deprived of.

    When will it occur to leaders on both sides that they can truly be great nations if only they realized the benefits of peace? Without a moment’s hesitation, I am prepared to blame Pakistan government more than the Indian government for the sorry state of affairs in both the countries, the people of which had until the partition of the country in 1947 lived as brethren for hundreds of years. I am confident that majority of people in both the countries want to have friendly relations and they realize the importance of peace in the region for their well being and prosperity.

    It is only a small minority that keeps the pot of hatred boiling. It suits them. However, India must tell Pakistan -thus far and no farther. No nation can allow its people, particularly soldiers, to be beheaded or killed in dastardly attacks. No nation worth its salt could allow a neighbor to continue to abuse. The recent killing of Indian soldiers without any provocation is deplorable and condemnable. If Pakistan government were sensible it should have immediately apologized for the killings and taken the perpetrators of the heinous crime to task.


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