USA acts to rebuild US-India Relationship: Ambassador Nancy Jo Powell Resigns

    America’s decisive action speaks volumes as to the importance of this bilateral relationship. Ambassador Nancy Jo Powell, following Ambassador April Glaspie’s catastrophic green-lighting Saddam Hussain’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, green-lighted minor American functionaries to undertake two Devyani-related excessive actions: evacuation and arrest.

    These led to a bitter chill between genuine friends that history records, and destiny requires, to remain great friends. As for Ambassador Nancy Jo Powell, our former ambassador to Nepal who was given the honor of nurturing and expanding the US-India relationship, her resignation is a sign of her maturity to limit future damage from diplomatic malpractice, and I wish her Godspeed upon her retirement in the great state of Delaware – the state that gave us the ever loveable Joe Biden.

    Attorney Ravi Batra,


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